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Hua Mum Night Market: An Oasis Of Street Food Delights Where Foodies Find Their Happiness

Hua Mum Night Market

When they say Bangkok is a street food paradise for foodies, they’re right. Living in this city, you can encounter numerous street food stalls wherever you go. It’s easy to find something to fill your belly when you’re hungry any time of day.

Given that many of us work from 9 to 5, exploring street food is often limited to the evening period of the day. So, a night market is a popular option that many street food lovers love to visit.

For foodies seeking a place to enjoy street food after work, look no further than Hua Mum Night Market — an oasis of street food delights that offers a diverse array of culinary treasures.

Explore and enjoy trying different kinds of Thai street food

Image credit: @pee_nim via Instagram

Hua Mum Night Market is like a lively playground with tons of stalls and all sorts of fun things to do. It’s the perfect spot for some trendy shopping where you can check out the coolest fashion trends. People here really know how to make the most of the evening – whether it’s feeling the nice breeze, hunting down yummy food spots, or just chilling in the super relaxed atmosphere. It’s basically a friendly hangout where you can have a blast exploring all the exciting stuff it has to offer.

Image credit: @pee_nim via Instagram

The market features many alleys filled with diverse food stalls on both sides where you can seek food items that catch your eyes at cheap prices.

Image credit: @kohji_0723 via Instagram

Of course, the food here is not limited to Thai food, you can also find some international food, ranging from Japanese ramen to Chinese mala BBQ.

hua mum night marketImage credit: @orudoramen via Instagram

Say you’re a liking for Japanese food, ORUDO RAMEN is a Japanese eatery worth checking out. It’s designed like a ramen restaurant in Japan with many various ramen options to enjoy.

Don’t skip Sataneemeehoi — a famous entertaining eatery that’ll give you a memorable experience

hua mum night marketImage credit: @applebaby92 via Instagram

Also, when you come here, we don’t want you to miss out on Sataneemeehoi. People who’ve been here before can vouch for the fantastic time you’ll have while dining.

hua mum night marketImage credit: @sathaneemeehoi via Instagram

Staneemeehoi sets itself apart by not only serving up delicious food but also adding some flair with muscular men in sexy outfits dancing around you. Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re from the LGBT community – these guys are straight and here to give you a good time.

Getting to Hua Mum Night Market

If you’re a fan of exploring Thai food, a night market is undoubtedly the go-to destination, offering a variety of street food for you to indulge in. Hua Mum Night Market is no different. If your goal is to experience all the night markets in Bangkok, be sure to include Hua Mum Night Market on your list.

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Address: 11 Prasert-Manukitch Rd, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230
Opening hours:
4.30pm-12am, Daily

Coordinates: Google Maps

Cover image adapted from: @pee_nim via Instagram and @applebaby92 via Instagram