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Guide To Rideshares & Taxis In Thailand So You Can Get A Ride Without Being Taken For A Spin

Guide to rideshares & taxis in Thailand

Unless you’re only staying in the heart of Bangkok, getting around Thailand requires a car or a motorbike. That means that you’re going to have to rely on taxis or rideshares for most of your time here.

Luckily, there is a ton of options to choose from. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the rideshares and taxis in Thailand for an easy way to get around the country.

1. Grab Taxi – the household name

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Grab is no doubt the most popular option right now in Thailand. They were among the first to take over in the online taxi and delivery services, and they remain one of the most ubiquitous today.

Their popularity has meant that they’ve become more expensive and attract problematic drivers over the years, but their quality remains high. This is the go-to option in most cases, but especially during rush hour as they have one of the highest volumes in the market.

You can get Grab on the App Store here.

2. LINE MAN – Grab’s biggest rival in Thailand

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LINE MAN might be Grab’s biggest direct competitor in Thailand. In addition to offering a lot of the same services, LINE MAN has as big of a customer base as Grab, but with the extra advantage of also being one of the most popular messaging apps for locals.

Much like Grab, their increasing popularity means that their prices are slowly going up. But they are still one of the more reliable options during rush hour. We recommend getting both the apps, so you can not only compare prices but also have a back-up for when it’s harder to find a car during peak hours.

You can grab LINE MAN on the App Store here.

3. Bolt – a cheaper alternative

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Bolt is a relatively new addition to rides in Thailand, but is proving to become a popular alternative.

It’s cheap and fast, but finding a car during rush hour can be a tad bit difficult.

Additionally, Bolt is currently only available in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai. So keep that in mind if you’re venturing outside of those cities.

You can get Bolt on the App Store here.

4. MuvMi – electric Tuk Tuks in Bangkok

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You can’t come to Thailand and miss out on the Tuk Tuk experience. Luckily, MuvMi is a rideshare that’ll give you on-demand electric Tuk Tuks that’ll take you around Bangkok.

Not only are these not adding to Bangkok’s smog, they’re also great for vibing with the city while being cheap and fast. No more funny business with prices when it comes to Tuk Tuks here.

You can get MuvMi on the App Store here.

5. Robinhood – something different

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Like we said in our Food Delivery apps guide, Robinhood started as something to help out struggling small food businesses during Covid. Since then, the Siam Commercial Bank-associated app has grown to include a ride-calling service as well. Not to be mistaken for the investing app that garnered a notorious reputation, of course.

While they’re not as ubiquitous as the others, they offer the same services including hailing cars driven by ladies for other ladies, so that you can feel safe.

You can get Robinhood on the App Store here.

6. CABB – London-style cabs for a premium experience

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If you’ve been on Bangkok’s streets, you’ll know that most cars are Honda or Toyota sedans. But, discounting the occasional supercar, you might’ve caught a glimpse of an odd British-style car from time to time. These are CABB cars. CABB is another ridesharing service that offers a different ride experience compared to the others.

These are pretty good for rides from the airport into Bangkok but are otherwise seen as a bit too pricey by locals for getting around the city on a day-to-day basis.

You can get CABB on the App Store here.

Get around with these rideshares & taxis in Thailand

To really see all of the amazing spots in the country, you’ll need a car and there are few ways better than rideshares or taxis in Thailand to deal with the headache of Thai traffic.

If these options are a bit too expensive for your budget, we recommend trying our bus guide or our train guide for a dirt-cheap way of getting around.

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