Thai teacher plans class lottery for students

It can be notoriously difficult to get students to do their take-home assignments. One Thai teacher tapped into the nation’s love for lottery by making one for her class to encourage her students to do their homework.

Here’s what she did, what prizes were offered, and how the students took it.

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Doing homework to win prizes via a class lottery

A Thai teacher going by @pongpang_jeera on TikTok recently got creative in motivating her students to complete their homework via an unexpected method – by implementing a class lottery.

And with how popular lotteries are in Thailand, it quickly became a hit with the students. She shared how it went in an online video here.

Image credit: @pongpang_jeera

Students were tasked to complete assignments for the opportunity to draw a ticket from the lottery board. Pictured below is a homework collection card that will give students a chance to draw from the class lottery. 

Image credit: @pongpang_jeera

As expected, the prizes proved to be a hit with the students as the teacher reports that she no longer has a problem with students not handing in their homework.

Image credit: @pongpang_jeera

The prizes include various stationery, snacks, and cold hard cash. 

A creative solution with the community’s support

Prior to implementing the lottery, the teacher says that she had problems with students not completing homework. She had tried many other methods to no avail before this incredible breakthrough in motivating her class.

But this success wouldn’t have been possible without support from parents, she says. The prizes weren’t bought with the teacher’s money alone but also with sponsorship from their supportive parents – AKA a communal investment for their kids’ education.

Screenshot: @pongpang_jeera

Translation: I’ve tried everything, even sitting guard while they do the homework. But these prizes are possible with the support of their parents.

Because of the TikTok clip sharing the story going viral, students have become even more motivated to hand in assignments and she is quickly running out of prizes to give.

Making learning fun

Education is difficult to make fun. While some students are self-motivated, it is a struggle for many to enjoy learning things that they consider to be bland. But this viral effort shows that there is always a creative solution.

So if you’re finding it hard to motivate your kids or students, try an approach that speaks to them more. Instead of using the tired, but completely valid, reason of education being for their future, perhaps a fun reward would be a more effective motivator.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @pongpang_jeera, @pongpang_jeera, @pongpang_jeera

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