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10 Reputable Bangkok Tattoo Shops For Those Looking To Get Inked In The Land Of Smiles

Reputable tattoo shops in Bangkok

Getting inked is never an easy decision, whether it’s your first or your 30th one – especially if you’ve never worked with the artist before. 

Instead of wasting your time and money at dodgy ink shops that offer “tattoos for cheap” which are popular in extreme tourist hotspots, head to these qualified and experienced artists when in Bangkok.

Here are some renowned tattoo shops in Bangkok to visit if you’re considering getting inked on your next trip to Thailand.

What do I need to know before getting a tattoo?

In Thailand, you must be over 18 to get a tattoo legally. The reason is that teens under 18 are likely to get a tattoo just because it looks cool without thinking about it carefully.

To get a tattoo, you plan a tattoo you’d like in your mind, do some research on tattoo shops, pick the one you consider reliable, and make an appointment. Some tattoo artists might ask you to pay a booking fee after making an appointment. Make sure you eat and sleep well and take care of your skin before you get a tattoo. Also, avoid intoxication the night before the appointment.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes on the day you go get a tattoo so that you can re-adjust your positioning easily and do not have to deal with discomfort while getting tattoos. It’s also important to note that some tattoos take longer than others, so be sure to schedule your day accordingly. Give your artist enough time to work on your tattoo so it comes out the way you want it to.

Importantly, prepare for pain if you’re getting a tattoo for the first time. It will get painful but it’s tolerable. Just bring a friend and start a fun conversation with the artist during the process.

How are tattoos viewed in Thailand?

Tattoos are usually frowned upon among some people in Thailand, especially old folks. However, many young people as well as some old people in this generation accept them and view them as a personal taste.

Many companies have a rule that requires employees to cover up tattoos or avoid getting tattoos in visible areas, especially if they interact frequently with clients or customers.

Apart from general artistic tattoos, Thailand has traditional Sak Yant tattoos characterised by symbolic designs linked to spiritual beliefs. Some Thai people choose these tattoos in the belief that they will bring them luck and safeguard them from harm.

1. ALL DAY Tattoo — bold neo-traditional designs

Image credit: ALL DAY Tattoo BKK via Facebook

ALL DAY Tattoo knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to the art of tattoos. This is evident in the vast range of styles and designs available from their arsenal of talented artists – from geometric pieces and neo-traditional work to realistic portraits that have gradients and shadows down pat.

all day tattoo
Image credit: @alldaytattoobkk via Instagram

This is perfect for folks who want to get a specific style in mind as there will be an artist to cater to your taste.

Image credit: ALL DAY Tattoo BKK via Facebook

Check them out on Instagram here.

Address: 710, 4 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan, Phrom Phong, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours: 12pm – 7pm, Daily
Nearest Train Station: Phrom Phong BTS
Contact: +66 9 8381 4364 | Google Maps

2. Lone Wolf Studio — delicate single-needle styles

Image credit: Lone Wolf Studio via Facebook

International artists like Bang Bang and Dr Woo have made single-needle tattoos all the rage these days, with this style being really popular amongst the younger generation. However, finding an artist who can replicate such work locally can be a challenge.

If that’s what you’re after, then Lone Wolf Studio is definitely the tattoo parlour for you. Their portfolio is full of both bold and delicate pieces, with fine strokes and ever-so-slight shading that will make your inked artwork one of a kind.

Image credit: Lone Wolf Studio via Facebook

If you’re looking for a more elaborate piece, they’ve got it in the bag. Check out this sick take on scenes from the movie Joker!

lone wolf studio bangkok
Image credit: @lonewolf_studio via Instagram

Check them out on Instagram here.

Address: Buttima 4, Punnawithi 3, Sukhumvit 101, Bang Chak, Phra Khanong, Bangkok 10260
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 1pm – 8pm, closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Nearest Train Station: Punnawithi BTS
Contact: +66 8 9520 0994 | Google Maps

3. Inkception — cute doodle tattoos

Image credit: Inkception via Facebook

Inkception is where cute little doodles we have on the back of our notebooks transform into real-life playful tattoos. Styles can vary from scribbly sketches to drawings with vivid colours depending on the artist you go with.

Image credit: Inkception via Facebook

Who said tattoos can’t be adorable and childlike? 

Besides cute lil pieces, they also have a wider range of styles available, from script work to portraits.

inkception bangkok cute tattoo

Image credit: @inkception via Instagram

For those who would love to get some cute little tattoos, this is one of the tattoo shops worth visiting!

Check them out on Instagram here.

Address: Lido Cinema 2nd floor, Siam Square soi 2, Rama I Rd, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours: 2pm – 10pm, Daily
Nearest Train Station: Siam BTS
Contact: +66 97-126-7130 | Google Map

4. Black Pig Tattoo BKK – traditional Thai-inspired pieces

Image credit: Black Pig Tattoo BKK via Facebook

At Black Pig Tattoo BKK, traditional Thai folk characters like Ramayana and mythical animals are reinterpreted and redesigned into oriental Japanese illustrations. 

This blend of 2 different artistic styles is a refreshing and eye-catching take on the usual art styles we’re used to seeing, and look trendy and old-school at the same time.

Image credit: Black Pig Tattoo BKK via Facebook

black pig tattoo bangkok
They have a wide variety of flash designs to pick from too
Image credit: @black_pig_tattoo via Instagram

Check them out on Instagram here.

Address: 394/1-2 Mahajacha Road, Grand Palace, Bangkok 10200
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm | Sat 1pm-6pm, closed on Sundays.
Nearest Train Station: Sanam Chai MRT
Contact: +66 8 0595 2999 | Google Maps

5. Common Ground Tattoo — fun people & pet portraits

common ground tattoo bangkok
This cosy tattoo shop also accepts walk-ins and consultations
Image credit: via Instagram

Tattooing people’s faces onto our skins might not be something new, but Common Ground Tattoo allows you to add a playful twist to this otherwise conventional style.

This is done by adding pops of colour and bolder lines while preserving the realistic elements and shading face portrait tattoos are supposed to have. 

Image credit: Common Ground Tattoo via Facebook

And if the family member you’re looking to get inked is a furry friend, they do pet portraits too!

common ground tattoo
Image credit: via Instagram

Check them out on Instagram here.

Address: 300 Rimklongsatorn Rd Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Opening Hours: 12pm – 7pm, Daily
Nearest Train Station: Saphan Taksin BTS
Contact: +66 2 073 9161 | Google Maps

6. Saklai Tattoo Studio — old-school oriental designs

Image credit: Saklai Tattoo Studio

Saklai Tattoo Studio has been in operation since 1997. This humble tattoo shop in Ekkamai is run by 2 artists who spent their time in the early 90s in New York City to fully master their inking skills.

Image credit: Saklai Tattoo Studio

From classic far-east Japanese art to delicate Chinese-inspired sleeves, you can tell that these artists are old-school and have truly honed their art form. If you’re looking to get an extensive oriental-style tattoo done, here’s where to go.

Check them out on Instagram here.

Address: 45/2-3 Ekkamai 2 Alley, Phra Khanong Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12pm – 7pm, closed on Sundays.
Nearest Train Station: Ekkamai BTS
Contact: +66 8 1830 8325 | Google Maps

7. Divine Ink Tattoo — photo-realistic tattoos

tattoo shops

Image credit: Divine Ink Tattoo via Facebook

Divine Ink Tattoo allows people to ‘paint’ their loved ones’ faces in lively colour on their skin. Combined with their skilful tattoo techniques, the result is an ultra-realistic human portrait to stay with you forever.

Image credit: Divine Ink Tattoo via Facebook

Their black and grey tatts look just as good if that’s what you prefer.

Check them out on Instagram here.

Address: 152 Khaosan Rd, Talat Yot, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200
Opening Hours: 2pm – 11.30pm, Daily
Nearest Train Station: Sam Yot MRT
Contact: +66 2 629 0120 | Google Maps

8. Mimp Tattoo — colourful tattoos and cover-ups

Image credit: Mimp Tattoo

If you think traditional tattoos only look good in black and white, Mimp Tattoo is here to change your mind. In this studio, they cover all types of styles that come in vibrant, bright colours – whether it’s mythical Thai folk characters or abstract flowers. 

Image credit: Mimp Tattoo

We reckon those looking to get bigger pieces covered up would find this parlour a top choice.

Check out their Instagram here.

Address: 21/64 block C, Soi Soonvijai, Rama 9, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10310
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm, Daily
Nearest Train Station: Phetchaburi MRT
Contact: +66-95-949-1778 | Google Maps

9. California Ink Tattoo Bangkok — awarded tattoo shop with skilled artists

tattoo shops
Image credit: @californiainktattoobangkok via Instagram

Rest assured that your tattoo will be of high quality when you opt for this tattoo shop in Nana’s area. Three of their experienced artists have been honoured at the Singapore Ink Show 2019, Thailand Tattoo Expo 2019, and Malaysia Tattoo Expo 2019 for their outstanding work in Realism Portraits.

Image credit: @californiainktattoobangkok via Instagram

They offer all styles of tattoos, be it Japanese, Polynesian, Realism Blackwork, Old School, New School, Portraits, Chicano, Traditional, Watercolour, Tribal or Cover-Ups. If you are unsure what to get, feel free to consult with the artists first.

You can visit their tattoo shops in Bangkok and Phuket. Prices start at ฿2,000 (~USD54.92). Get exceptional tattoos that will undoubtedly become the envy of your friends when you display them.

Address: 23, 164 Sukhumvit 4 Alley, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
9am-2pm, Daily
Nearest Train Station: BTS Nana
Contact: +66 2 077 8489  | California Ink Tattoo’s Facebook | Google Maps

10. Stroker Tattoo — Japanese-style tattoos like Yakuza

tattoo shops
Image credit: @strokertattoo_bangkok via Instagram

If you’re interested in getting tattoos reminiscent of the Yakuza style, Stroker Tattoo in Ekkamai is the place to go. Established in 2017, this shop is excellent at Japanese-style custom tattoos, such as Japanese dragons and Daruma. Also, if you wish to get other New School tattoos, they can make incredible ones for you.

tattoo shops
Image credit: @strokertattoo_bangkok via Instagram

This shop in Thailand is the third branch as their first two branches are located in Japan.

Here, you can choose Thai or Japanese artists to inscribe a tattoo for you.

If you are a fan of Japanese tattoos, check out their portfolio here.

Address: 50 5 Sukhumvit 63 Road, Prakhanong, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
11am-8pm, closed on Sundays
Nearest Train Station: BTS Ekkamai
Contact: +66 9 6264 4700  | Stroker Tattoo’s Facebook | Google Maps

*Bonus* Wat Bang Phra – Sak Yan tattoos by real monks

tattoo shops

Image credit: Bangkok Post

Although Wat Bang Phra is situated in Bangkok’s perimeter province of Nakhon Pathom, it’s still worth the 1-hour journey if you’re looking to get traditional Thai tattoos, known as Sak Yan in Thai. 

tattoo shops

Angelina Jolie is known for having an extensive Sak Yan back piece – although she didn’t get her tattoo here, this is what it looks like!
Image credit:
Thai Tattoo Cafe

This “parlour” is unlike any other on the list – Wat Bang Phra is actually a temple that offers daily sak yan sessions done by the monks who live there. These sacred tattoos represent all sorts of things, such as protection, luck, and fortune through sacred characters and mythical animals.

Here, you can even get the iconic ‘5 Taew,’ like the one Angelina Jolie has, which is believed to be a lucky charm to whoever has one.

Wat Bang Phra Temple - Picture of Wat Bang Phra Temple, Nakhon ...
Image credit: Trip Advisor

You also won’t be seeing the usual set-up of tattoo guns here. Sak Yan is traditionally done via a stick-and-poke method. If you’re genuinely looking to get a special tattoo to remember your trip to Thailand, pay Wat Bang Phra a visit.

Address: Moo3 4014 Bang Phra, Nakhon Chai Si District, Nakhon Pathom 73120
Opening Hours: Fri-Wed: 9am – 5pm, closed on Thursdays.

How do I take care of a tattoo?

After getting a tattoo, the artist will cover it in a bandage. You can get rid of the bandage after 4-10 hours, depending on your artist’s suggestion. Then, make sure you wash the area with warm water gently twice a day and apply moisturizer to your skin.

Never rub or scrub your tattoo area because it can damage your tattoo. Scabbing on your tattoo is normal; it’s part of healing.

When going outdoors, use sunscreen and moisturiser often and try to keep your tattoo shaded from the sun to prevent your tattoo from fading.

Wear comfy clothes and shun putting on tight clothing items as they can rub against your skin.

Avoid swimming in the first two weeks and heavy workouts.

Lastly, drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.

Tattoo shops in Bangkok to get your ink on

If you’re an ink newbie and new to all of this whole thing, do make sure to have to have a careful think before getting your very first tattoo. Any reliable artist will be open and willing to have consultations prior to your ink sesh to discuss what you want for your piece, so communication is key!

Plus, they’ll also be able to give you sound advice on how to take care of your ink, as well as improve on an idea you might have in mind to make sure it’s ageless. After all, it’ll be smacked on forever.

So have a browse at these reputable tattoo shops in Bangkok and happy inking!

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Cover images adapted from: via Instagram and @californiainktattoobangkok via Instagram

The article was originally published by Eddie Jirayu in August 2020, and last updated by Bank Fasaisirinan in March 2024.