New measures for markets in Bangkok

Bangkok Announces Market Control Measures To Prevent COVID-19 Infections

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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has announced new control measures for fresh markets and flea markets in the city to prevent more COVID-19 transmissions. 

Mrs. Silapasuai Rawisaengsun, Permanent Secretary, said that all markets in Bangkok’s 50 districts will be inspected to maintain cleanliness in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

These new control measures are in effect from today until further notice.

Measures for market owners, vendors, and customers

Bangkok Announces Market Control Measures To Prevent COVID-19 Infections

Image credit: Bangkok Airways

To make sure everyone is safe, the new measures are for market owners, sellers, and customers to follow. 

For market owners:

  • Must practice basic COVID-19 screening tests including checking body temperature for all vendors and workers daily. 
  • Need to provide washing stations with basins and soap, as well as hand sanitisers in their market.
  • Clean the market at least once a day.
  • Do not open a food court area.
  • Add E-payment as a new payment option to reduce contact 

For sellers:

  • Wear face masks and wash their hands regularly during working hours.
  • Must stop working and seek medical attention if they have any symptoms such as fever or coughing.
  • Provide gripping tools like tongs for customers to prevent direct contacts on fresh food items.
  • Keep cooked food in closed containers and reheat every 2 hours.
  • Wear an apron and hat or hair net when cooking food.
  • Keep social distancing between themselves and buyers.

For customers:

  • Wear face masks when entering markets.
  • Keep a distance from other shoppers and sellers for at least 1 metre.
  • Try to use E-payment as much as you can.

Although the government is looking out for us, we still must not forget to protect ourselves by cleaning our hands regularly and keeping a safe distance from one another.

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