Artist Recreates Iconic Airline Uniforms On Animal Crossing Like Thai Airways & Singapore Airlines

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Cute outfits on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image credit: Cherng

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been helping lots of us with our boredom these days. Besides its adorable graphics and soothing gameplay, one of the best parts of the game is its customisation options. Players have been having fun creating cute character outfits, and one artist went all out and recreated iconic cabin crew uniforms from airlines around the world.

Cute uniforms from international airlines

Taiwanese artist Cherng Yang (aka Cherng) recently shared images on his Facebook page, showing his followers an entire wardrobe of outfits based on cabin crew uniforms from various airlines.

animal crossing thai airwaysThai Airways’ cabin crew uniform for the ladies
Image credit: Cherng

These included iconic looks like the Singapore Girl from Singapore Airlines and even the signature purple 2-piece suit of our home airline, Thai Airways!

singapore girl uniform
Cherng also shared the template used for his character’s Singapore Girl outfit for other players to try making
Image credit: Cherng

He also recreated more outfits from international airlines such as EVA Air, Air New Zealand, and Vietnam Airlines, along with their logos.

flight uniforms animal crossing
That’s him proudly posing with his creations
Image credit: Cherng

Here are some other adorable outfits that were made compared to the actual uniforms IRL:

animal crossing emirates
Images adapted from: Cherng, Emirates

animal crossing air asia
Images adapted from: Cherng, Aviation News Philippines

korean air animal crossing
Korean Air
Images adapted from: Cherng, Korean Air

Spot on!

Some of the airlines caught on and praised Cherng for the creativity behind the outfits.

airasia comment

Translation: Looks like our clothes look the best! (bragging)

Other airlines wanted in on the fun too, and sent in their own uniforms as inspiration.

starlux airlines

Translation: The similarity is perfect! Can you make one for Starlux Airlines too?

Fun on Animal Crossing

Other players have shared some of their cute lil DIY outfits too, from Shin Ramen-inspired robes to Indomie hats.

shin ramen animal crossingImage credit: @0skmey

So if you’re looking for something fun to do on the game, try your hand at recreating fun outfits for your characters! Don’t forget to check out Cherng’s artworks on Facebook and Instagram for extra ideas.

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