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foundation for the blind thailand
Image adapted from: Amarin TV and Foundation For The Blind Thailand

COVID-19 has made face masks a prized resource in these times, with them running out of stock in many places and being unavailable for people.

There are some professions that need masks now more than ever, such as medical workers to protect themselves when treating patients. However, not everyone is aware that garbage collectors need it too, as they are often at risk of the virus when in direct contact with disposed used masks.

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Knit 600 masks for garbage collectors

foundation for the blind thailand face masks
Image credit: Amarin TV

Foundation For The Blind in Thailand has set up a project to make 600 pieces of cloth masks, with the motto “The society helps us, we help the society.” 

masks for garbage collectors
Image credit: Foundation For The Blind Thailand

The foundation’s chairman shared that the reason behind the initiative was so that garbage collectors could be properly protected against items that could be potentially contaminated with the virus.

Additionally, these collectors often have to go house to house to collect garbage, and it is a possibility that people in the community are carriers of the virus without even knowing. The foundation hopes that these unsung heroes of our society would be able to carry out their duties while staying safe with these masks.

making masks for garbage collectors
Image credit: Foundation For The Blind Thailand

One of the members involved in the project said, “It is a great pleasure to help the society as we have always received good things from them.” Another member added that she was worried she could not do it at first. But after taking the time to learn, she felt a sense of achievement after being able to knit the masks.

The foundation stated that they are currently making more masks so that more garbage collectors can receive them.

Kindness is everywhere

It is heartwarming to see everyone in the society stepping up to help each other during this difficult time. Everyone has different ways to contribute to society – even if it means staying indoors to keep others safe.

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