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Bangkok Design Week 2024: Highlighting The Livability Of Bangkok Through Art

Bangkok Design Week 2024 

Like the Bangkok Art Biennale, Bangkok Design Week is a city-wide art festival with exhibits that breathe new life into the city. This year, the festival’s theme is “Livable Scape,” which aims to highlight how what city life is really like.

Here’s what you need to know before going out to see the sights this week.

Installations and activities in 15 districts

Image credit: @ductstore via Instagram

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities globally. Despite that, there are plenty of reasons that prevent it from being one of the best cities to live in. To highlight this unrealized potential of Bangkok, the Bangkok Design Week team has organized art exhibits and activities in 15 districts in Bangkok from the popular Siam-Ratchathewi area to the suburbs like Bang Mot.

A full interactive map with details of the events in each district can be found here.

Image credit: @bw_i_r_k via Instagram

Plenty of these events and activities will take place at local hotspots, so you’ll get to see familiar places in a new light. That’s because a lot of these exhibits highlight aspects of living in Bangkok that go unnoticed. For example, Arcane is an exhibit by two of Chulalongkorn University’s architecture instructors that highlights how Bangkok used to be a city of waterways, much like the famous city of Venice.

Image credit: @sigumca via Instagram

If you happen to live in the suburbs of Bangkok, visiting the suburban events in the residential areas is also a great idea. Many of these events highlight local life through markets, canals, history, and even modern necessities.

Art to start a conversation about life in Bangkok

For many, life in Bangkok is like a glimpse of paradise only experienced through week-long vacations or a movie screen. However, the reality is that life here, like many other places, is tough but pleasant. Whether you’re a resident looking for ways to improve city life or a visitor looking to learn more about a potential home, Bangkok Design Week is a citywide dive into all things life in Bangkok through an artistic lens.

But if you’ve already made a decision about living in Bangkok or Thailand, you should check out our guide to the best places to live in Thailand here. If Bangkok’s your home, then check out our rideshare guide or our food apps guide to make city life more convenient.

Cover image adapted from: @bw_i_r_k via Instagram, @sigumca via Instagram