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YouTuber Fined For Spartan Cosplay While Riding Motorbike, Warriors Need To Follow Road Safety Too

Thai youtuber faces penalty

Many videos by content creators in Thailand feature Spartan elements for a comedic effect – random cries of the word “Sparta” can be often seen as well as memes from the Spartan film, 300.

Recently, a Thai YouTuber took the trend to another level by dressing up as a Spartan while riding a motorcycle on a road in Nonthaburi as if he was going to war. With a “spear” in his hand, he was eventually called in by the police.

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Spartan cosplay in public

Yesterday afternoon on 22nd April, a Thai YouTuber, Mr. Anan Pachanapreeda was seen wearing a Spartan costume while riding a motorcycle along a road in Nonthaburi, sparking both laughter and confusion to the drivers nearby, according to Matichon.

spartan cosplay on road
The youtuber was seen giving a 30-second speech during the red light.
Image credit: Matichon

He stopped at an intersection in Pak Kret to walk around a road crossing – with a “spear” in one hand – while giving what appeared to be a speech before jumping on his vehicle to ride off with the cars once the light turned green.

spartan man rides motorbike
Image credit: Matichon

It did not take long for the clips about the “Spartan” to reach the internet, which instantly became viral.

Police press charges against ‘spartan’

In the evening, however, Mr. Pachanapreeda was contacted by the police to come into the station to receive his penalties, which include charges such as: carrying a replica of a weapon, not wearing a proper helmet, and causing nuisance to the public.

Mr. Pachanapreeda explained to the police that it was a shoot for his YouTube channel, Ramer, following a fan’s request and that his friends were filming him from a distance.

spartan prosecution
Image credit: Matichon

The content creator also mentioned that the costume was given to him by a fan, and that the reason behind his roadside soliloquy was to imitate a Spartan war scene.

spartan costume
The costume was confiscated, and the entertainer was charged a fine.
Image credit: Khaosod

However, Mr. Pachanapreeda has apologised for his actions and that he will be more considerate of the public in his future shoots.

Not so much fun after all

Looks like Mr. Pachanapreeda’s fun war reenactment has ended up giving him real injuries that will probably make him remember to keep the fun within laws the next time.

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Cover images adapted from: Matichon (Left), Matichon (Right)

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