Yaowarat Delicious Bread in Bangkok

When night falls, the streets of Bangkok Chinatown, known to locals as Yaowarat, are lined up with street stalls that serve delicious dishes from fresh seafood to desserts. 

For Thai locals with a sweet tooth, Yaowarat Delicious Bread ranks on top of the list of all dessert stalls here – this place serves grilled bread that come stuffed to the max with fillings so satisfying, you’ll be craving for more. 

Grilled bread flavours to try

It’s not an overstatement that people have given this place the nickname “long queue grilled bread”. When we arrived, a short line had already formed – this was even before the stall was open! Luckily, we were one of the first few customers, so it didn’t take us long to try their famous Grilled Bread with Fillings (฿25, ~USD0.82)

Yaowarat Long Queue Delicious Bred

All we had to do was check our order down on a menu slip and hand it to the staff. Then, just watch them fill in the bread. Customers also have the option to get Grilled Bread with Sugar (฿20, ~USD0.66).

Yaowarat Long Queue Delicious Bred
The menu chit comes with English translations too

Judging from its pale white colour, it seems like the bread is half-baked first and then are fully cooked when grilled, releasing that aromatic smell of hot, toasty bread.

Yaowarat Long Queue Delicious Bred

We got 4 flavours for our fillings: milk, chocolate, chilli, and egg custard. Other available flavours include:

  • Sugar and butter
  • Strawberry
  • Marmalade
  • Pineapple

Yaowarat Long Queue Delicious Bred
Yup, your hands WILL get messy

The bread itself was amazing – crispy on the outside, while soft and fluffy on the inside. We ate it hot, so the smell of melting butter was delightful too. 

As expected, the gooey milk filling was creamy and sweet, while the chocolate was rich and didn’t have any bitter cocoa taste. The most exciting flavour for us was chilli. It was spicy from the roasted dried chilli paste, but had an overall creamy consistency and was sweet enough to feel like we were having dessert.

Yaowarat Long Queue Delicious Bred

However, our favourite had to be the Thai-style egg custard. The filling was thicker than the rest and we had a good mouthful of custard in every bite. 

Don’t be afraid to get messy while eating this. The stall has water buckets ready for you to clean your hands afterwards, so munch away!

Yaowarat Long Queue Delicious Bred

Iconic dessert stall in Bangkok’s Chinatown

Yaowarat Long Queue Delicious Bred

Before being the iconic stall it is today, Yaowarat Delicious Bread started as a small shop by a couple over 30 years ago. These days, the business has been passed down to their grandchildren – you can still see the portrait of the original owners at the stall.

Yaowarat Long Queue Delicious Bred
That’s me eagerly waiting for my order 

Because this is a street stall, take note that there are no seats for you to sit. You will see lots of people standing around and munching on their freshly toasted bread in the vicinity. If you have time to spare, we advise coming down early before the stall opens at 7pm so that you don’t have to wait in line for too long. 

Don’t be alarmed though – a long queue doesn’t equal a long wait. The staff work really quickly to get everyone their orders, so it moves quite fast. 

Yaowarat Long Queue Delicious Bred

So the next time you’re stuffing your tummy with food at Yaowarat Road, end your dining spree with some gooey, oozy grilled bread from Yaowarat Delicious Bread.

Yaowarat Delicious Bread
Address: Yaowarat Road, Khwaeng Samphanthawong, Khet Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100 (In front of GSB bank)
Opening Hours: 7PM – 12AM, Tuesday – Sunday (Closed on Mondays)
Nearest Train Station: MRT Wat Mangkon, Walk to Yaowarat via Plaeng Nam alley, cross the road, and look for the pink bank on the left. The stall should be in front of it.
Telephone: +66 8 7598 0888 | +66 8 1398 8111
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