Uthai Thani floods but villagers find fun in boat racing

Like many parts of Thailand today, Uthai Thani is severely flooded. Areas along the Chao Phraya river, like Ko Thepho, were particularly affected. But that’s when the villagers turned the situation on its head by organising boat races.

Here’s what happened along with some neat photos.

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Turning a stressful situation into some fun

With the village flooded, many found their homes damaged by water and unable to work. To help alleviate the stressful situation, the vice governor of Uthai Thani and village head worked together to organise a boat race to inject some much needed fun in a dire situation.

Image credit: CH7HD News

The competition was split into multiple age brackets with both children and adults participating. Each winner was awarded a prize of ฿1,000 (~26.50 USD). The competition was only open to villagers to participate in.

Image credit: MorningNewsTV3

As the competition raged on, friends and family cheered on the competitors as the announcer blasted his commentary over the sound system.

Pictures and videos showed the competitors using not the famous long-tailed boats, but rather lifeboats and large portable tubs as the villagers paddled away. While their elders demonstrated skill and grace on their paddles, the children’s race turned into a bumper boat session.

Image credit: CH7HD News

But that was not the end of it.

An encore on foot

Just when the boating came to an end and the villagers not expecting anymore competition, an encore ensued. There would be another competition to the finish line but this time on foot.

With the same prizes on the line, this time the villagers proceeded to race on foot to the finish.

Image credit: MorningNewsTV3

As the day drew to a close, although the flood remained, they made the most of it and had some fun.

Making the best of a bad situation

The floods in Thailand still remain. Many have been stranded in their homes, or faced the prospect of irreversible damage to their properties.

The main challenge is still the water, its management in the future, and fixing the damage done. But while that remains, it is also important to do what we can to find happiness with the people around us.

Cover images adapted from (From left to right): CH7HD News, MorningNewsTV3, MorningNewsTV3 

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