81 year-old uncle returns missing gold necklace worth ~฿180K

When we lose valuable items, we often quickly assume that someone has already found as well as taken it.

But, there are also those who come across lost objects and are inclined to return them their rightful owner without asking for a reward or anything in return.

If you’re skeptical if that’s truly the case, here’s the story of a Thai uncle who returned a missing gold necklace worth ฿180,000 (~USD5,449) to its owner.

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Uncle gives 6 Baht gold necklace back to the owner

On 16th January 2022, a Thai woman named Rudee Sangtong, 35, shared the story of an uncle who returned her missing gold necklace on her Facebook page.


The woman posted a picture with a caption that read, “I got my missing gold back. This uncle had found it in a temple toilet and returned it to me. I’m so happy and thankful to this uncle from the bottom of my heart”, showing her appreciation for the benevolent uncle who came across her lost item.

Image credit: Sanook

Rudee further revealed to the press that the gold necklace belonged to her mother and that she lost it in a toilet at a temple.

Image credit: Sanook

At first, the woman thought that she wouldn’t get the necklace back. However, she got a call from a staff member at a gold shop telling her that an uncle had found and returned her missing necklace.

Image credit: Sanook

According to Sanook, the lost-and-found item was a golden necklace weighing 6 Baht worth around ฿180,000 (~USD5,449).

Netizens praise the uncle for his benevolence

After the post was uploaded on Facebook, many netizens shared their praise for the uncle’s benevolence.

Screenshot: Sanook

Translation: The uncle is so kind. I admire him.

One netizen admired the uncle for his kindness.

Screenshot: Sanook

Translation: She should have rewarded him with at least ฿1,000 (~USD30.27).

Another netizen suggested the woman should have rewarded the uncle.

Screenshot: Sanook

Translation: May his benevolence bring him good health.

One Facebook user sent the uncle good wishes for his benevolence.

There’s always a light at the end of tunnel

One lesson learnt from this story about an uncle who returned a gold necklace to its rightful owner that there’s always a light at the tunnel.

To clarify, if we do lose something, there is still at least a sliver of hope that some good Samaritan out there is looking to return it. So, next time you lose something, we’d suggest against losing any and all hope about finding it.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): Nat Haji, Sanook, Sanook

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