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This Hidden Outdoor Cafe In Thailand Has Row Boating And Petting Zoos Under 1 Hour From BKK

The Three Little Pigs Organic Farm & Cafe

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The Three Little Pigs Farm and The Three Little Pigs Farm

There are a few open-air cafes out there that we’ve seen, but their gardens tend to look too neat and cleaned up, and not too many things to do aside from sitting around and enjoying the food.

The Three Little Pigs Organic Farm & Cafe in Nakhon Pathom, as its name implies, is a cafe that builds on bricks, sticks, and straws. It has the rustic look and feel of a farm that stands out from other kinds of garden cafes for having a petting zoo and rowboat areas.

Activities for the whole family

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Arunlak Vis

Outdoor seatings sit by the moat in rafts and piers where rowboats occasionally pass through; some customers row to their tables as well. Air-conditioned seating is also available, but you’ll be missing the outdoor atmosphere of the waterside garden and roaming animals.

3LittlePigsFarm rowboatsImage credit: lapakteaw 

At this cafe, you can do a variety of activities, most of which are perfect for an outing with the kids to let them enjoy the outdoors.

3LittlePigsFarm sandpit
Image credit: Cafe Story

There is a playground area with a sandpit for building and a tiny house for roleplaying. 

3LittlePigsFarm red dress rowboat
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Everyone is free to enjoy rowboats that take them through a scenic water route around the garden.

3LittlePigsFarm animals
Images adapted from: Cafe Story and Foursquare

But it wouldn’t be a farm if the cafe didn’t have animals. At Three Little Pigs, there are feeding areas for various animals, with 5 different pools of fishes and other animals around the gardens. Animals at the farm pen include geese, rabbits, turtles, and iguanas, to name a few, but the animals are also known to roam the gardens as well.

Quaint but tasty menus

3LittlePigsFarm flat layImage credit: Wongnai

There are no wolves at this farm – only customers wolving their delicious dishes. Most of the dishes are simple-looking to match the cafe’s farm theme. There are also pasta and steak menus available. 

3LittlePigsFarm jim jaew
Image credit: GrabFood and Wongnai

There are the common meat menus with a side of sticky rice, as well as som tam menus like the deep-fried som tam (฿100). Their signature dish, 3 PIGS Jim Jaew (฿180) is pork neck with jim jaew sauce with a side of assorted vegetables.

For drinks and desserts, couple the Breadsticks With Thai Custard Dip (฿79) with either Butterfly Pea Juice With Lemon (฿60) or the  Lemon Juice With Honey (฿60 hot; ฿65 cold).

3LittlePigsFarm desserts
Images adapted from: Wongnai and Wongnai

If you’re looking for chilled desserts, the Pang Yen Nom Chompoo (฿129), which is pink milk shaved ice with assorted toppings, or the Shibuya Honey Toast (฿99).

If you’d like a small getaway with down-to-earth aesthetics , head over and wind down at The Three Little Pigs in Nakhon Pathom – just a little less than an hour away from Bangkok.

The Three Little Pigs Organic Farm & Café
Address: Tha Talat, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom 73110
Opening Hours: 9AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: 065 236 0959
Email: [email protected]

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