7 Thai Superstitions & Tips On Romance To Be Lucky In Love

Thai superstitions about romance

Thailand is well known for not only its many ghost stories, but also for the many superstitions when it comes to romance and other types of fulfilment.

Whether you’re wishing for a better life, or simply someone to spend the rest of your life with, following such alleged tried-and-true methods may increase the chances of your hopes coming to life. 

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and you haven’t found the right person to go out on a date with yet, you may need such auspicious acts to help you meet your soulmate.

Here are 7 superstitious tips and tricks that are said to help you find that special someone you have been searching for.

1. Wear clothes with auspicious colours

A simple trick you can do everyday to juj up your romantic life is wearing clothes with auspicious colours. 

But, before doing so, there are two important things to jot down. 

Firstly, ‘lucky’ colours change every day.  Secondly, the auspicious shades change annually, so do make sure to keep yourself updated before purchasing an entire new wardrobe. 

Here’s a list with 2022’s daily lucky hues to help you be lucky in love. The translation is below, don’t worry! 

Image credit: Office Mate


Monday: Navy and Light Blue

Tuesday: Pink

Wednesday: Cream, Vanilla, White and Dark Grey 

Thursday: Green

Friday: Orange, Yellow and Gold 

Saturday: Pink

Sunday: Black and Grey

Once you find the right person, you can still use the list above to bring about good fortune in your career and financial situations. For those colours, refer to the first and second column of the chart. 

Now, you have a good colour idea for your everyday clothes. Scroll down to see another tip you can do on working days.

2. Clean up & decorate your working desk

With heavy workloads that need to be finished each day, some people, especially office workers, may not have much time to clean up their desk. 

But let’s be honest, some of the items in your working space may be the reason why you’re still single.

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For instance, it’s against feng shui to have sharp objects like scissors or box cutters on your desk, because those items are the symbols of singleness. 

Therefore, it’s better to place them inside a drawer after using them.


Once you clear all sharp objects from your working desk, we suggest decorating it with blossom flowers. Examples include such as roses and chrysanthemums. 

Experts say you should arrange these stems in a colourful vase to attract positive energy that’s said to make you more charismatic to potential romantic partners.

If you’re reading this after work and are too tired to Marie Kondo your desk, stop by the following place for another way to enhance your chances of meeting your soulmate. 

3. Pray for a soulmate with Trimurti

The place we mentioned above is Trimurti’s Shrine, located within the area of CentralWorld, Bangkok. 

Trimurti is a supreme Hindu Trinity God whose name refers to an abundance of love, career, and health. 

Image credit: @aris_smalie via Instagram

The shrine of Trimurti is well known by many locals, as those who pray for true love are said to find their fulfilment afterwards, so there’s no doubt that this is a hot spot to meet other singles. Respectfully, of course.

Image credit: @aris_smalie via Instagram

Back in 2019, a heartbroken woman who prayed for a good boyfriend with the deity found her wish came true after she met her claimed-to-be soulmate on a dating app and decided to have a romantic relationship with.

However, what’s more surprising was that the guy she met possesses all qualities she had wished for. 

She also shared tips for praying that shrine-goers should prepare. These include describing specific characteristics of their ideal partner and designating the time when they are ready to meet him or her.

Image credit: @22.tong_tong via Instagram

If you’re interested in heading over to pray for your future significant other, here’s what you need to know before paying a visit.


  1. Prepare the below oblations:
  • Nine roses or one garland of flowers 
    • These are the symbols of love and the power of life
  • Nine red incense sticks 
  • One pair of candles
  • One bottle of red drink
  • Red fruits, such as apples 

     2. Write down your name and wishes on the paper provided at the shrine

     3. Kneel or sit mermaid-style on the red mark

     4. Put your hands together and pray 

  • focus on what you wish for and start praying.

The place is very busy at night, so we suggest paying a visit to the shrine during the daytime.

Trimurti Shrine @CentralWorld
Address: 89 Ratchaprasong Road, Lumphini, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours: 24h, Daily
Nearest Train Station: BTS Chit Lom | Google Maps

For those who do not have time to go out, don’t worry. We have another simple tip you can do at home.

4. Plant crown flowers

If you love planting flowers, this is an essential Thai superstition you shouldn’t miss if you’re looking for more romance. 

Dok Rak, literally translated in English as the flower of love, but better known as “crown flowers”, are auspicious flora believed to enhance peoples’ romantic lives.

Image credit: @Rrin.thaicraft via Instagram

Dok Rak is classified as one of the weather-tolerant and low-maintenance  flowers. 

So, it is believed that those who plant crown flowers in front of their house will find their true love and enjoy a long-lasting and stable relationship with their partner, just like this strong flower that lasts long.  

Image credit: สัมมากร

There’s another long-held superstition that individuals who are unlucky in love plant crown flowers within temple grounds, and water the plant every Buddhist holy day to break their curse.

If you are about to visit the temple to plant crown flowers, below is another trick you can also do at the temple.

5. Double up on offerings to monks

In Thai culture, offering a double-batch of alms to monks is believed to help bring single people good fortune when it comes to meeting his or her soulmate. 

Couples can also do this, as the offerings are said to help keep relationships strong and healthy.

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To clarify why people have to offer a pair of alms, it is said that making duo offerings will maximise the opportunity for single individuals to meet someone with whom they share the same characteristics and get along with. Well, like birds of a feather flock together.

Image credit: มติชนออนไลน์

We guess that you may be eager to make double offerings to monks right now, but don’t hurry over just yet. 

Besides buying a double batch of what you want to offer, there are essentials and tips you need to include. 

Essential offerings

  1. A pair of flower vases
  2. A pair of pillows
  3. A pair of candlesticks
  4. A pair of glasses


  1. Prepare these offerings in one bucket or split up the essential pairs into two buckets
  2. Make offerings to any monk at any temple 
    • Experts recommend finding Dharma temples
  3. Think of yourself and the person you want to spend the rest of your life with while you’re making merit.

Since you’re at the temple now, we have one more blessed activity for you to take part in.

6. Light the pleasant fire of love with oil

In addition to making offerings, pouring the oil into a temple’s lantern is another traditional act of making merit said to help you be lucky in love.

Image credit: Tnews

The lantern’s fire symbolises the glowing light of people’s lives. So, pouring oil to help stoke the fire is said to also fan the flames of your love life. 

For couples, you can do this to keep your relationship’s fire burning bright. 

Image credit: น้ำมันตะเกียง ไร้ควัน ไร้กลิ่น : น้ำมันนางฟ้า via Facebook

Another important thing for singles to note is that pouring two bottles or two spoons of oil is highly suggested

Also, while pouring the oil, don’t forget to make a wish and specify how you want to improve your love life.

7. Boost your luck with accessories

In a move that looks like it comes straight out of video games, Thais also believe that you can boost your luck by simply wearing the right accessories.

There are plenty, but here are just a few for you to try out.

Image credit: clothbynak

First, we have an amulet of a two magpies called Sarika Lin Thong (สาริกาลิ้นทอง), literally golden-tongued magpie. The amulet is of two magpies, so it is often times also called the Nok Sarika Koo (นกสาริกาคู่), literally twin magpies. This amulet is believed to bring in luck when it comes to negotiations, including those of the romantic kind. That’s because we often hear these birds’ beautiful chirps and songs when they’re trying to find mates, and they must be quite convincing to find one!

Image credit: แมลงภู่คำ via Facebook

Another is an amulet called Malang Poo Kham Luang (แมลงภู่คำหลวง) which depicts a type of bumble bee. This amulet is believed to attract people to you, whether that be in love or business. It originated from the Lan Na region, but has since spread countrywide. The reason this bumble bee amulet is believed to attract people is due to the fact that it used to be carved out Paduak trees, whose flowers symbolize love. And since these bees will often help pollinate those flowers…you can imagine the rest.

Thai superstitions on romance

We really hope that the list of Thai superstitions meant to better your romantic lives will help you to be more lucky in love and attain your goal of having someone by your side through your best and worst moments. 

However, if you haven’t found your better half yet, don’t be discouraged and always remember that the right person will step into your life at the right time and the right place.

Who knows? It may be while you’re undertaking one of these tips. 

To boost your luck even more, check out these shrines around Bangkok you can pray at that locals believe help them with love. Once you’ve locked down a date, here are some romantic restaurants with skyline vistas or riverside ambiance you should check out. Finally, to really hook your date in, try these cheesy Thai lines out.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @aris_smalie, มติชนออนไลน์, วัดหนองก๋าย

Article originally published by Tan Supanut on 11 February 2022. Last updated by buranond on 19 February 2024. 

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