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7 Must-Watch Thai Ghost Documentaries And Reality Shows That Feel Like Shutter IRL

Scariest Thai reality TV shows 

Big fans of Thai horror would be familiar with big hits like Shutter, Nang Nak, and Phobia, which are available on Netflix.

However, beyond these movies are people who have dedicated their lives to hunting down ghosts and other spooks IRL. If you’re ready to venture beyond the silver screen and find out if ghosts really exist, here are 7 Thai ghost documentaries and reality shows to watch – from the scariest to the downright funny.

1. The Real Ghost (ช่อง-ส่อง-ผี)

The Real Ghost is the newest ghost show in Thailand, available both on YouTube and cable TV.

The Real Ghost (ช่อง-ส่อง-ผี) q
Hosts Buay and Rainy at the back, with a special guest
Image credit: The Standard

In each episode, hosts Buay and Ajarn Rainy come together with a guest and will visit places that locals claim to be haunted.

the real ghost thai show
The blue stick figure caught by the GDT is meant to be a ghost
Image credit: Sanook

While sharing the haunting stories with viewers, the hosts will also carry out investigations using special ghost hunting equipment like the Ghost Detector aka GDT, a camera programme that claims to be able to pick out hidden spirits we can’t see with our naked eyes.

The show also has other elements like teaching people the importance of doing good, and about the concepts of karma and reincarnation.

Catch them on their YouTube channel – we recommend starting with this episode of the mysterious ghost in a red dress.

2. Kon Aud Pee (คนอวดผี)

kon aud pee 2
Image credit: Painaidii

Kon Aud Pee is hosted by one of the most famous DJs in Thailand’s spook-sphere, Kapol “Pong” Thongplub, who used to be famous for his ghost radio programme, The Shock.

The show has 3 main parts. The first is a ‘Ghost Help Centre’, which invites people to come on the show to talk about supernatural problems they may be facing and how to solve the problem.

kon aud pee
One guest on the show apparently got possessed, spooking the team out

Riw Jit Sampat is another host on the show who is the man in charge of solving these pesky spirit problems. Check out how he helped a guest who appeared to be possessed here.

scary thai shows
Image credit: WorkpointOfficial 

The next section is the fun bit, where the team invites viewers and Thai celebrities to join them in a mysterious location, where they carry out activities in attempts to contact the spirits.

The last part is a mix of comedy and horror, where viral videos are shared and discussed with viewers. Kon Aud Pee is considered to be one of the most popular horror shows in Thailand, so add this to the list for a fun fright.

You can follow their Facebook page or YouTube channel to watch their new episodes.

3. The Reality Shock 

the reality shock
Image credit: Book Panich

The Reality Shock is a special project produced by Kapol “Pong” Thongplub – yup, the same Pong behind Kon Aud Pee. 

This series has 13 episodes, where volunteers and fans participate in ghost adventures at various haunted locations across Thailand. The show is recorded as they explore these places, catching their real reactions of fear and shock.

ghosts in thailand

Handheld footage makes this show extra creepy, akin to produced movies like Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project.

The show was filmed many years ago and sold as a DVD, but you can still find some rare episodes on YouTube.

4. The Ghostbuster (หมอปลา มือปราบสัมภเวสี)

mor pla
Image credit: Thairath

Unlike the previous shows that bring a factor of entertainment value to their productions, The Ghostbuster is a pretty serious show. 

Mor Pla, or Dr. Pla as he is more commonly known, is a medium of sorts that goes around the country hunting ghosts and solving mysterious problems faced by Thai folks. He is also famous for his signature reaction when he “sees” a ghost, where he yawns, cries, and even acts like he is suffering.

dr pla
Images adapted from: ทุบโต๊ะข่าว and

Though there aren’t any fun challenges or ceremonies, he will bring in Buddhist principles and reasons to explain the unexplainable, teaching us something about Thai culture in the process.

mor pla ghost

His most famous video is one where he attempts to chase unwanted spirits out of a house by showing them the owner’s real estate contract, letting them know that they don’t own the house and have no right haunting it.

Follow his new missions and videos on Facebook and YouTube

5. iScream (เกรียนบุกผี)

Image credit: IScream เกรียนบุกผี 

If you’re already trembling in your boots with the shows above, we’ve got just the thing for you to keep you in better spirits. iScream is a horror comedy which invites people to challenge themselves and face spirits in spooky places in Thailand.

While the premise is similar to other shows in the list, what makes this one stand out is that all the activities are carried out in a manner of parody and fun, with hilarious reactions from the participants.

There are currently 12 episodes and fans are waiting for a new season to be released. Check out the show here or follow their Facebook page for funny pictures and videos.

6. The Ghost Mission 

the ghost mission 2
Image credit: The Ghost Mission 

The Ghost Mission has gotten the attention of Thai viewers for 2 reasons: one, the scary locations that are explored in each episode, and two, pretty host Kwan Khao who carries out all the activities in the show.

Images adapted from: The Ghost Mission 

Most of the locations are in Bangkok, which makes the show slightly creepier knowing that these places exist in a city full of life and vibrance.

Watch the first episode here.

7. F*ckGhost (สมาคมต่อต้านสิ่งงมงาย)

fckghost thailand

It’s no secret that the newer generation isn’t as superstitious as older people, and that we often doubt the existence of ghosts and chalk it up to fake news. YouTubers F*ckGhost are here to debunk supernatural myths and prove that ghosts aren’t real.

“We want to prove that the supernatural and ghosts are not real”

In one video, the team decided to clear what they deemed to be “trash” – actually idols and offerings – at a large tree that locals believed was sacred. The place had accumulated lots of broken spirit houses, statues, and dolls over time.

The show is carried out in a similar fashion to others on the list, only that the F*ckGhost team aims to disprove ghosts instead.

They’ve not released new videos in over 8 years, but you can still watch their videos here.

Scary shows to watch

With advanced tech and all sorts of science facts available to debunk superstitions, many things are still unexplained.

So if you’re curious to see the real life beliefs that inspire many Thai horror movies out there, line these shows up for a spooky binge-fest.

Read more about Thai superstitions and culture:

Featured image adapted from: WorkpointOfficial, BKP Entertainment, F*ckGhost สมาคมต่อต้านสิ่งงมงาย, and Thairath

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