Farang dating course on Facebook 

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to dating. However, one Ms. Lisa* has a very specific niche. She’s the owner of  “Searching and Looking Caucasian Partners” – a Facebook group that offers a course helping Thai women become the ideal partner for farang – which means caucasian in Thai – partners. 

*Names have been changed. Photos for illustration only.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Lisa offers a one-year VIP course for ฿5,999 (~USD200) and a 6-month course for ฿3,999 (~USD133). Both options guarantee at least Lisa-vetted farang match and consultation throughout the courting process. Upon being matched, Ms. Lisa helps you understand your date’s thought processes and behaviour; she then teaches you the best ways to approach certain subjects and maintain attraction. 

The courses also insure users against the most common dating practice; ghosting. Within the course of your subscription, Lisa will match you with a new man if one of the parties stops replying, things don’t work out, or you simply want to change your date

Mutually beneficial relationships 

To qualify for the course, women have to have a decent level of English proficiency and patience. One of the top announcements on Lisa’s page is a disclaimer that she cannot force anyone to like anyone, and asks that users inform her if a toxic or one-sided relationship is forming. 

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Lisa also advertises the counterpart of her group; a website that helps foreign men understand and eventually marry Thai women. They offer a free guide on characteristics of Thai women, such as their “cheerful but shy nature, sensitivity and need of constant reassurance.”

Safety above all else

Farang men are viewed as stronger leaders than the average Thai man, leading to them being more desirable in the eyes of some Thai women. Something else that makes foreigners appealing to Thais is their more liberal culture. However, it’s extremely important to remember that generalisations are just that – generalisations.

Lisa’s group claims to be 100% transparent, legal and composed of only verified matches. While finding your soulmate is important, it’s also important to keep yourself safe. Protecting your mental and emotional health is just as important as your physical health, so always be mindful of who you share your time with. 

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