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Dino Statue In Khon Kaen Gets Set On Fire, Humans Accidentally Cause Second Extinction

Dinosaur statue on fire

It appears that humans are responsible for killing the dinosaurs this time. On 13th January 2021, Khon Kaen authorities accidentally set the city’s dinosaur statue on fire during routine maintenance. It took firefighters 10 minutes to put out the fire, but the poor statue was fossilised into ashes after the incident. 

R.I.P. Mr. Kor-Yao

This long-neck dinosaur statue is one of Khon Kaen landmarks, modelled after Phuwiangosaurus; a dinosaur fossil discovered in the city. The locals called this dino statue ‘Kor-Yao’ which means ‘long-neck’ in Thai after its signature feature. The dinosaur sits majestically under the city’s welcome sign, greeting all drivers who enter the city. As prehistoric as the dinosaurs itself, the statue was in need of proper restoration. 

Khon Kaen Dinosaur Statue Burn
Image credit: Twitter

The maintenance routine involved cutting the steel statue, which is when authorities accidentally set fire to the poor dino. The fire spread along the dino’s neck so quickly that by the time the firefighters arrived, the prehistoric landmark was carbonized beyond repair.

The city of dinosaurs

Khon Kaen is home to 9 dinosaur species, in which their fossils have been discovered in the city’s area. Many of the fossils are featured in Khon Kaen Natural History Museum, which attracts multiple visitors to the city. 

Khon Kaen Dinosaur Statue
Multiple dinosaurs statues can be seen alongside the road in Khon Kaen
Image credit: Bloggang

The townsfolk also help highlight their city’s selling point by having dinosaur statues installed throughout the city. The word ‘dino’ even appears in many parks and organisations’ names, such as Khon Kaen Dino water park and Khon Kaen Dino Pond. 

While the destruction of the local’s beloved long-neck is heartbroken, there are still plenty of dinosaurs waiting to be visited. Unlike those in Jurassic Park, dinosaurs here are definitely not going to eat you.

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Featured image adapted from: Twitter, Facebook

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