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Sumo Tokyo Serves Thai Stuffed Crepes With Over 13 Fillings Like Tempura & Bacon

Thai-style crepes in Bangkok

Sumo Tokyo

You may be familiar with different street food carts laying along Thailand’s sidewalk, especially in Bangkok. Tokyo, or Thai-style crepes, are another snack that can be easily found almost anywhere in the city. 

Among those carts, Sumo Tokyo is one of the best places to visit to try their next-level crepes that come with tons of fillings and toppings. 

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The story behind “Tokyo”

Thai style crape

Tokyo is one of my favourite childhood snacks, but I’d never questioned why we gave it that name. But don’t worry -, I’ve found some stories. 

There are many different versions that tell the history of Tokyo. Some say that it comes from the pattern of the crepe, which looked like the Japanese alphabet. 

Others say that it comes from the word “Roneo”, which was a type of rotary duplicator machine popular back in the day. The processes of making a dessert are similar to the workings of a rotary duplicator. So, people had initially named the snack “roneo”, and the word eventually got distorted to “tokyo”. 

Thai Daimaru
Image credit: pome2005

The most popular story came from the very first Japanese department store in Thailand, Daimaru. 

The store sold different products imported from Japan, and “tokyo” was a common name Thais called Japanese desserts and snacks that were sold there.

Thai style crepe with generous fillings at Sumo Tokyo

Most tokyo stores usually offer 2 fillings: sweet filling made from custard and a savoury filling that comes with egg, sausage, and minced pork. 

However, Sumo Tokyo will surprise you with over 13 fillings that come in impressive portions.

Sumo Tokyo

Under the price of just ฿15 each, you have over 13 fillings to pick from:

  • Egg 
  • Chicken steak 
  • Ham
  • Pork sausage
  • Chicken sausage
  • Fish stick with cheese
  • Bacon and enoki
  • Teriyaki chicken
  • Chicken in Jeaw dip
  • Sausage rolled with ham 
  • Chopped bacon
  • Shrimp tempura

If you are a big fan of creamy custard filling, it’s also on offer at just ฿10.

Sumo Tokyo
Tempura tokyo

Try the Thai style filling – Chicken with Jeaw dip. Jeaw sauce is a local dip made from roasted chilli and ground roasted rice, so you will get a spicy and tangy flavour from this one. 

Sumo Tokyo

You can also opt for teriyaki chicken if spiciness is too much to handle. Enoki wrapped in bacon is the favourite among office workers who are regulars here. 

Sumo Tokyo

Aside from those fillings, you can upgrade your tokyo by adding an egg (฿25) to make it more filling. Besides, it’s not just a little quail egg as offered in other shops – it’s a whole chicken egg here. 

Thai style crape

Their fillings also come in big portions, which left us in a food coma after finishing 3 crepes! We also learned that the crepe flour is mixed with coconut milk, which gives it a rich fragrance.

Delicious snacks at Sumo Tokyo

Sumo Tokyo

With its popularity and quality, Sumo Tokyo has spread its franchise all across Bangkok and other provinces in Thailand. Discover them here

When in Bangkok, try it at its very first store in Sathorn. It’s located near Empire Tower building which is about a 10-minute walk from Chongnonsi BTS Station. 

Keep walking along the skywalk to the BRT station and you will find the building on the right. Look out for the local 7-11 – Sumo Tokyo is in front of it. 

Sumo Tokyo

Other than tons of savoury street food, all sweet tooths who visit Thailand shouldn’t miss these popular snacks. 

Sumo Tokyo (Sathorn branch)
Address: Near Empire Tower building, South Sathorn Rd., Yannawa Sub-district, Sathorn District, Bangkok 10120
Opening Hours: 6.30AM-1PM (Closed on Sat-Sun)
Nearest Train Station: Chongnonsi BTS station
Telephone: +66 86 810 6614

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