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Sugar Rush Is A Rainbow Willy Wonka-Style Dessert Hall In Bangkok With Ice Cream-Stuffed Marshmallows

Sugar Rush at 515 Victory

Desserts are irresistible. Every time we see – or even think about – sweets, we develop a craving for them.

With a constant overwhelming desire for sweets, there have been many times where we found ourselves unexpectedly sitting in a dessert cafe, chasing that feeling of joy that comes with every bite of cake.

If you pay a visit to Sugar Rush, a colorful rainbow dessert hall in Bangkok, you may find yourself sinking further into your cravings – so much so that you can’t bring yourself to swim in the ocean of desserts that the place has to offer.

Here’s what you need to know about this newly opened dessert hall in Bangkok.

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Sugar Rush looks just like Willy Wonka’s candy factory

Sugar Rush is a newly opened dessert hall tucked away within 515Victory mall in Bangkok.

Image credit: 515Victory

From a quick glance into the mall’s glass windows, visitors can already see the hall’s kaleidoscope of colours.

Image credit: 515Victory

Vividly painted in various colours, the hall’s interior made us feel as though we were exploring Willy Wonka’s dessert factory.

Image credit: @515victory

With the walls, ceiling and floors decked out in colours that remind us of sweet treats, the area almost looks tempting enough to taste.

Image credit: 515Victory

Sugar Rush was designed by French artist, Matteo Messervy. His design highlights the striking contrasts between different vivid colors; and shows how light and different shades interact within an enclosed space.

Image credit: @Matteomesservy

Without a doubt, these two elements do not only provide an excellent level of illumination, but also offer a sense of liveliness to the place.

Which sweets to indulge in besides the sweet colorful ambience

Sugar Rush houses more than 10 dessert shops: such as Croissant Taiyaki, Donut Dizturb, Bear Yourself Old School Milk Bar, and many more.

Image credit: @Auulaila

If you’re a fan of croissants and Japanese taiyaki, you shouldn’t miss Croissant Taiyaki. The cafe serves Fish-shaped croissants with a variety of fillings such as vanilla custard, green tea custard, purple sweet potato, and ham-cheese.

Image credit: @515victory

The mix between the croissant-crust’s crispy texture and the sweet, soft fillings are bound to tantalize your taste buds.

Image credit: Landing around

Representing another highlight is Donut Dizturb. This donutterie offers several home-made doughnuts glamorised with toppings so cute that you can’t say no to another one – or two – donuts.

Image credit: @515victory

Last but not least is Bear Yourself Old School Milk Bar. Here, we’d recommend the Sassy Strawberry: this strawberry frappe that’s topped with meringue-like whipped cream provides a rich, sweet and slightly tarte flavour from the sterilised milk.

Image credit: @515victory

Recently, the bar also rolled out an ice cream-stuffed Burnt Marshmallow. Featuring 10 ice-cream flavors for you to choose from, this menu is definitely another sweet treat you shouldn’t miss.

Image credit: @515victory

Only 5 minute walk from Victory Monument Station

Just a 5 minute walk from BTS Victory Monument, Sugar Rush at 515victory will introduce you to a candy shop that’ll make you feel as though you’re receiving an exclusive tour of Willy Wonka’s candy factory.

Plus, there’s no need to use a golden ticket found in Willy Wonka’s chocolate bars. The only entry requirement is that you have a sweet tooth and are ready to immerse yourself in a bunch of desserts.

Sugar Rush
Opening Hours: 10AM – 8PM, Daily
Address: 5, 15 Phayathai Rd, Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Nearest Train Station: Victory Monument BTS Station
Telephone: +66 8 6341 0740
515Victory Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): 515Victory ,515Victory, เที่ยวเตะฝุ่น, เที่ยวเตะฝุ่น

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