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Plate Of Stir Fried Basil Sent Into Stratosphere, Proves Thai Food Is ‘Out Of This World’

A plate of stir fried basil was sent into the earth’s outer layers

“Out of this world” is a phrase that’s often used to describe something that is so exquisite that its qualities are almost other-worldly.

Well, it seems that we may be using this saying literally when it comes to describing Thai food.

Here’s the story of a plate of stir-fried basil that was recently sent on a mission to the Earth’s outer layers.

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Scientists send Thai food up into the atmosphere

On 23rd February 2022, a TikTok showing a plate of stir-fried basil being blasted into the Earth’s atmosphere from Nakhon Sawan was reposted by @kaochaobannews.

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ข่าวชาวบ้าน's Creator Profile

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The video shows the entire journey from the dish’s point of view, with the help f a GoPro.

stir fried basil space
Screenshot: @nzd999 via @kaochaobannews

We can see being sent off by a supportive crowd of people, as well as how quickly it’s soaring up into the atmosphere.

Screenshot: @nzd999 via @kaochaobannews

Stir-fried basil’s space journey is part of a science experiment

This stir-fried basil dish’s mission was masterminded by the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Public Organization) in partnership with Retired Working for You (RW4U).

The organisations wanted to test the maximum height that a high-altitude balloon could reach.

space stir fried basil
Screenshot: @nzd999 via @kaochaobannews

With the dish’s help, they were able to deduce that it can soar up to 35KM, according to Thairath.

Thai food is out of this world

With this mission, we can now say that Thai food is one step closer to literally being “out of this world”.

So, we’d like to applaud organisers and scientists who helped to make this mission possible.

Cover images adapted from:@nzd999 via @kaochaobannews

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