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Woman Meets GrabFood Rider With Baby In Tow, Hires Rider For 4 Days So She Can Rest

Woman meets GrabFood rider with baby in tow

In this new-normal era, delivery riders play a crucial role in delivering food to people at home.

Not only do we appreciate their good service and fast delivery, but we also admire their strong spirit. With that, they surely deserve to be rewarded.

Luckily, there are many who also feel this way. Here’s the story of a woman who hired a GrabFood driver with a baby in tow to take a rest from her hard work.

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GrabFood rider with a baby in tow found working & hired to take rest

The story of a GrabFood rider with a baby in tow made the rounds on social media after the story was posted on Facebook account, เจ๊นุ่น กะปิโหว่ ปลีกส่ง, on 22nd February 2022.

The video was uploaded shortly after a female vendor met a GrabFood rider with a baby in tow in front of her shop.

Screenshot: เจ๊นุ่น กะปิโหว่ ปลีกส่ง

During the conversation, the food deliverywoman revealed that she had to bring her 1 year-old son, Kongpop, to work everyday as she’s unable to leave him with her crippled husband.

She also added that usually, she’s a full-time gas station clerk, but had to work as a food delivery rider as well to earn a living.

Screenshot: เจ๊นุ่น กะปิโหว่ ปลีกส่ง

Having sympathy for the rider, the vendor then hired her for four days on the condition that she promise to rest. The vendor also gave the rider ฿2,500 (~USD77).

Screenshot: เจ๊นุ่น กะปิโหว่ ปลีกส่ง

The Grab rider received the money and gave the ‘wai’ to the kind-hearted vendor to express her thank for help.

Netizens feel happy for the rider and her child

After the video was circulated on Facebook, many netizens made their comments on the post.

Screenshot: เจ๊นุ่น กะปิโหว่ ปลีกส่ง

Translation: I’m happy for the kid.

One Facebook user shared that she felt happy for the rider’s son.

Screenshot: เจ๊นุ่น กะปิโหว่ ปลีกส่ง

Translation: Thank you the vendor for the rider. LOVE

One netizen thanked the vendor for the rider.

Screenshot: เจ๊นุ่น กะปิโหว่ ปลีกส่ง

Translation: Could you give me her bank account number?

Another netizen asked for the rider’s bank account number so they could transfer funds to help her and her son.

Have a good rest

We feel so thankful for the vendor’s help and really respect her kindness and generosity.

For now, we hope that the boy and his mom are having a good rest and have more time to spend together.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): เจ๊นุ่น กะปิโหว่ ปลีกส่ง

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