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Shake Shack centralwOrld Opens 30 March 2023: Burger Shop’s First Thai Branch

Shake Shack centralwOrld opens 30 March 2023

Popular US fast food chain Shake Shack recently announced that they are officially opening their Thai branch on 30th March 2023. If you’re a burger fan, get ready to queue up at centralwOrld to try their famous burger and milkshakes.

Here’s what you need to know about their grand opening.

Try their famous burger & shakes

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For those who don’t know, Shake Shack is a popular fast-food chain that started as a small kiosk in Madison Square Park, New York City. Since its humble beginnings as a hot dog cart, they have now become an international food chain with branches worldwide. 

One of the biggest reasons for their success is their burger with signature ShakeSauce. Its sweet, sour, and spicy blend of flavours is sure to be a hit with Thais due to our love for complex and intense flavour combinations. 

Despite their expansion, Shake Shack makes it clear that they intend to be what they call the “anti-chain chain”. To do that, they have stuck to the humble principles of delivering great quality food that has made them fast food icons. 

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You also can’t miss out on their namesake milkshakes. Their black and white shake, which is a combination of their vanilla and chocolate shakes, has even been named one of the best milkshakes in New York

Keep an eye out for their secret menu

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You can’t mention Shake Shack without talking about their secret off-menu items. The most famous one has to be the peanut butter and bacon burger. 

With Thais’ love for peanuts paired with savoury food, if this secret menu were available, it would surely be one of Shake Shack’s most popular items in Thailand. 

Freebies for the first 100 customers

Shake Shack knows that it’s a good idea to butter up Thais with some freebies.

The first 100 customers to make an order at Shake Shack will receive an exclusive Shake Shack tote bag and tee.

So be sure to arrive early for a chance to get your own merch along with the food.

Try Shake Shack burgers on 30th March

On 30 March, make sure you drop by centralwOrld’s 1st floor Zone I for a taste of Shake Shack’s famous burgers.

If you’re brave, you could even try ordering their secret peanut butter burger. We don’t know if it’ll be available in Thailand, but we sure hope it will be.

Shake Shack Thailand
Shake Shack centralwOrld 1st fl., Zone I, Ratchadamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10300
Opening hours:
10am-10pm, Daily

Shake Shack Thailand’s website | Instagram | Google Maps

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Cover image adapted from: @whatsf0rtea and @tuilively