Secret beaches in Thailand

Thailand’s most popular beaches can be as lively as they are beautiful. But they’re not for everyone. If you’re an introvert who loves to enjoy things quietly, then rejoice because there are plenty of secret beaches in Thailand that have barely been touched by large-scale commercial tourism. 

Here’s our picks of secret beaches in Thailand that have yet to be overrun by tourists. If you’re waiting for a sign to go visit them, this is it. 

1. Ko Man Nork (เกาะมันนอก) – small private island offering a real castaway experience

Image credit: @maonodera via Instagram

Ko Man Nork, or Koh Munnork, is part of a series of 3 islands located off the coast of Rayong. It is the farthest of the three islands.

It’s a private island with only one resort, but the activities and location will truly make you feel like you’re an islander. You’ll get some of the cleanest and clearest waters to go snorkeling or kayaking. You can even go hiking inland or do some sustainable fishing. 

Image credit: @ploychanokda via Instagram

Being so remote, the island is great for introverts looking to recharge away from civilization. 

You can book a stay at the island through their website here. Boats depart from Laem Tarn Pier (ท่าเรือแหลมตาล) in Rayong. There is parking available at the pier. 

Address: JJVW+8F7, Kram, Klaeng District, Rayong 21190
Contact: +66 2634 7054 | Google Maps

2. Ko Mook (เกาะมุก) – the island with a literal hidden gem and secret beach

Image credit: @mimiflyme2demoon via Instagram

Located off the coast of Trang, Ko Muk is a beautiful island with clean beaches – the sort you’d expect in Thailand. What makes it truly special is the cave on the island that is hiding away a secret beach. 

Image credit: @kuminear via Instagram

Morakot Cave (ถ้ำมรกต), or Emerald Cave, is named for a visual phenomenon that occurs during mid-tide, between 10am-2pm where the sunlight reflections causes the water to glow a beautiful emerald green. 

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a hidden-away beach at the end of the cave that will whisk you away to a fantasy tropical adventure. 

To get to Koh Mook, there’s a public ferry you can take from Khuan Tung Ku Pier (ท่าเรือ ควนตุ้งกู). There are also private longtail boats that are a bit pricier, but you won’t have to worry about waiting. 

Address: Baan Khuan Tung Ku, Moo 3, Bang Sak, Kantang District, Trang 92110
Opening hours: 6am-6pm, Daily
Contact: +66 8 5472 4430 | Google Maps

3. Baan Krood Beach (หาดบ้านกรูด) – nice quiet beach perfect for family picnics

Image credit: @hathai535 via Instagram

Sometimes the best way to know if a Thai place has been sufficiently discovered is by how many English names it has. If it has multiple, then it’s probably not well-known enough to have an internationally recognized name. Baan Krood Beach, or Ban Krut or Ban Grood, is one such place. 

The clean, creamy, white sand and pristine waters is really all you need to enjoy this beach. It’s lowkey, quiet, and peaceful which makes it perfect for having a slow day to just relax. 

Part of why it’s so lowkey is that it’s located on the Kra Isthmus which connects central Thailand to the Malay Peninsula – far from most of the tourist hotspots. There are also plenty of things to do beyond enjoying the beach in this province though, since it also has a temple built inside a cave within Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. 

Address: 8HP6+C5Q, Thong Chai, Bang Saphan District, Prachuap Khiri Khan | Google Maps

4. Tien Talay Beach (หาดเทียนทะเล) – a rocky beach by the naval base

Image credit: @qppxng._25 via Instagram

Tien Talay Beach is a beach in Chonburi that’s a bit further out compared to Pattaya, but still a comfortable day trip from Bangkok. The rocky beach is quiet compared to its lively neighbouring beaches and even has a small camping area for a small fee. 

Image credit: @pawut.04.28 via Instagram

Because it’s so rocky, it’s not an ideal place for a swim, but a place where you enjoy the quiet atmosphere. 

Another downside is that the area is under the care of the nearby naval base. Travellers and tourists are allowed on the beach, but some tourists have said that they have experienced issues entering before. 

Address: Tien Talay Beach, Sattahip, 20180 | Google Maps

5. Ko Adang (เกาะอาดัง) – Koh Lipe’s lesser-known neighbour

Image credit: @udompongativetin via Instagram

Koh Lipe is an absolute gem that can often get quite overcrowded, especially during high season. But just a 20-minute boat ride away is its lesser-known neighbour Ko Adang

The peaceful island has quiet white sandy beaches with waters that are great for snorkelling. You’ll have to be a bit more prepared because it’s a bit further out than Koh Lipe though. 

As a plus, the national park further inland is also great to hike through. 

Address: Ko Adang, Mueang Satun District, Satun 91000 | Google Maps

6. Ao Khao Kwai (อ่าวเขาควาย) – a bay with a short hike for a fantastic view

Image credit: @yui_bhuntika via Instagram

Ao Khao Kwai is a lowkey bay inside Laem Son National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติแหลมสน) in Ranong. 

The little beach has nary a touch of civilisation and what little of it exists is there to help to appreciate nature. 

To get here, we recommend contacting the park officials who’ll help you with transport to the island. 

Address: G965+V5R, Kamphuan, Suk Samran District, Ranong 85120
Contact: +66 7786 1431 | Google Maps

7. Ko Kradat (เกาะกระดาษ) – tiny beach with a deer on a private island

Image credit: @iampomerac via Instagram

This little-known private island has a few key highlights that you shouldn’t miss. 

The first is that there’s a deer on the island. These deer were initially released here by a park, but have since become a part of the island. The deer are allowed to roam free, so do be careful in case they get aggressive. 

Another is a small island that you can walk to, with a bit of caution. The small island is called Ko Kai Hua Ro (เกาะขายหัวเราะ), which roughly translates to “funny island.” The small island, which comprises one simple tree, was made famous as part of a Thai comic. 

To get to the island, you should contact the local resort here or the number provided below.  

Address: Ko Kut District, Trat 23000
Contact: +66 8 8500 0677 | Google Maps

Peaceful secret beaches in Thailand you can enjoy in solitude

Whether it’s to unplug from society or to ease your soul through nature, it’s good to enjoy these secret beaches that aren’t too lively. Take note of these beaches for your next trip through Thailand. 

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Cover image adapted from: @qppxng._25 via Instagram, @maonodera via Instagram, @udompongativetin via Instagram, @mimiflyme2demoon via Instagram

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