Monkey With Albanism Worth ~฿1M Spotted In Thailand, Temple Asks Locals & Monks To Care For Her

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Rare monkey spotted in Thailand

Monkeys are ubiquitous in Thailand. You can most commonly find them living around temples in the Kingdom’s more remote provinces.

What isn’t common, though, is an all-white macaque. The species’ rare colouring is attributed genes associated with Albinism, a condition where one is born without colour pigments in their hair or skin.

Here’s the story of a small village in Thailand, where one such monkey was spotted.

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Monkey with albinism highlighted in Petchaburi

On 15th February 2022, a monkey with Albinism, nicknamed “Chao Phueak” was spotted in Petchaburi, Thailand, according to Sanook.

rare-monkeyImage credit: Sanook

Chao Phueak is a female macaque who was highlighted by officials during a survey visit.

Experts stated that monkeys with Chao Phueak’s condition can sell for as high as ฿1 million (~USD30,900) due to the unique colouring they present.

Locals to collectively look after Chao Phueak

Luckily for the rare monkey, she has her community looking out for her.

The source mentions that an abbot from a nearby temple has already encouraged locals as well as monks to look after Chao Phueak.

Image credit: Sanook

According to the abbot, Chao Phueak will occasionally respond when called and is not violent. She’s also a mother of one. However, Chao Phueak’s baby does not present any traits of Albinism.

Furthermore, people in area asked to avoid shooting the monkey with the exception of anesthaesia in outstanding circumstances.

It takes a village

Knowing that locals are encouraged to help care for this very rare and valuable macaque is heartwarming. It shows the extent that people have for all beings – including animals.

We have zero doubts that such a community would help protect Chao Phueak, which will help her live a safe and worry-free in Petchaburi.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Sanook

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