Thai tourist policeman dons dress to promote awareness

Earlier this week in February 2024, a clip of a policeman wearing a beautiful dress in a parade in Nakhon Sawan exploded on TikTok. He undeniably has a massive stage presence, which left many netizens with questions as to who this policeman is.

So we’re here to answer who he is and his story.

Slaying to help his colleagues

Image credit: พี่ดาบนิกกี้ พี่ดาบท่องเที่ยว via Facebook

The policeman, nicknamed Nicky, is actually part of the Thai Tourism Police in Nakhon Ratchasima. Despite that, the viral clip of him in a dress was actually filmed at a Chinese New Year parade in neighbouring province Nakhon Sawan.

It turns out that his colleagues really wanted to hire local beauty queens to help promote the Thai tourism police services in Nakhon Sawan, but they lacked the budget to do so. Nicky, being the social butterfly and helpful soul, volunteered to put on a dress and walk the parade himself.

Nicky was confident in his beauty. And he was right.

A multi-faceted talent

Image credit: พี่ดาบนิกกี้ พี่ดาบท่องเที่ยว via Facebook

In an interview with local media, Nicky said that he sees himself as a handsome man as well as a sweet man.

He became part of the tourist police because his father wanted him to be a part of either the police or the military. But he also inherited his mom’s love for beauty. So you could say that he’s a police for his dad, and a queen for his mom.

He says that his family accepts him as he is. He’s also feels grateful that he’s also found more acceptance from his colleagues over time. In the past, his colleagues used to dislike that he loved to wear dresses in his free time. Since then, he has sought to uphold the values that the uniform brings. At the same time, he feels that he should be allowed to enjoy his freedom in his downtime.

Slaying by day and by night

In interviews, Nicky has shown himself to be a kind soul. By day, he helps out travellers to the best of his abilities as part of his job. By night, he gives it his all to look beautiful in contests.

It’s admirable that he hopes that his efforts both day and night help make tourism police more accepted by the public, especially by members of the LGBTQ.

You can follow Nicky on Facebook here or TikTok here.

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Cover imaged adapted from: พี่ดาบนิกกี้ พี่ดาบท่องเที่ยว via Facebook

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