Jung & Cullen Hateberry facts

If you’re searching for one of the trendiest travel YouTube channels in Thailand right now, it’s nearly impossible to overlook Cullen Hateberry — a lively lifestyle channel hosted by two cheerful Korean guys, Jung & Cullen.

Jung and Cullen are famous YouTubers among Thais who make content about visiting gorgeous places in the country. What makes these two fellas so interesting are their likeable personalities, positive thinking, good energy, and laughable Thai speaking skills.

Here, we have curated 8 fun facts about Jung and Cullen Hateberry for those who are interested in getting to know more about them.

1. Cullen’s Korean name is Park Ki Deuk

Image credit: @cullen_hateberry via Instagram

While most people know Cullen Hateberry, not many know his real Korean name. His actual name is Park Ki Deuk. Jung also gave him a nickname, which is ‘Khon Fon Tok,’ meaning ‘The person of rain’ in English because it usually rains wherever Cullen goes.

The reason Cullen came to Thailand is that people around him said he looked like a Korean-Thai person since he was a kid, so he took a trip to Thailand to prove it himself. So far, he has lived in Thailand for over 3 years.

2. Cullen worked as an EDM producer before starting his YouTube channel

Image credit: @cullen_hateberry via Instagram

He didn’t come to Thailand with the purpose of starting a YouTube channel initially. He worked as an EDM producer, and DJ, and owned his own bar named K Bomb. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the bar was shut down, so he decided to start his own YouTube channel because he enjoys travelling in Thailand.

Cullen and Jung met in Thailand, and Cullen asked Jung to participate in making YouTube videos with him.

3. Cullen & Jung are known for their own iconic, humorous ways of speaking Thai

Image credit: @cullen_hateberry via Instagram

Both of them are interested in Thai culture and have started learning Thai. After starting a YouTube channel, they make videos by speaking pure Thai, but with their imperfect Thai skills, they speak both correct and incorrect Thai sentences and phrases, leading to their cute, funny and iconic speaking styles of the Thai language.

If you want to see how cutely they speak Thai, go check out some of their videos on Cullen Hateberry’s channel. Let’s see if you will get hooked by their content.

4. They also have two more members

facts about jung & cullen
Image credit: @dann__iy via Instagram

Besides Cullen and Jung, two more members who you might spot in some of their videos are Dan and Kirby.

Dan is currently residing and studying in Thailand, he’s pursuing a degree in marketing at Assumption University, also known as ABAC. Dan made his debut appearance in the “This Korean friend invited me to ABAC University in Thailand” video.

Dan tends to be more reserved and less talkative compared to the others. However, viewers often catch glimpses of him relishing in food and exploring various destinations alongside Jung and Cullen.

Image credit: @kirby_hateberry via Instagram

Kirby and Cullen have been friends with each other for a long time. They flew to work as a DJ and EDM producer in Thailand. Kirby was the one who introduced Dan to Cullen. He shows up in Cullen’s videos from time to time.

5. They love exploring natural places and trying new things in Thailand like true travellers

facts about jung & cullenImage credit: @cullen_hateberry via Instagram

We love the fact that Jung and Cullen take us to a lot of nice places in the country that even Thais don’t know about. They travel like true travellers, trying local food items, connecting to local people, and embracing adventure and culture here. They enjoy everything and show how they deal with difficulties faced during travel. Their cheerful personalities make their content fun to watch.

If you are a newcomer to Thailand and would love to know hidden gems and beautiful destinations, go ahead and follow their channel. You’ll realise how fun Thailand is.

6. ใจฟู (Jai Fu) is their catchphrase

facts about jung & cullen
Image credit: @jung_kt_ via Instagram

Those who have been following this channel might have heard Jung and Cullen frequently use the word ‘ใจฟู (Jai Fu)’. This Thai word carries a meaning similar to “happy”, and they enjoy using it particularly when they are relishing Thai food. Many of their fans also use this word a lot when referring to watching their videos, meaning they are happy watching them.

7. They hold a passport for Thailand’s national parks

facts about jung & cullenScreenshot: Cullen Hateberry via YouTube

As shown in the “ มาภูกระดึงทั้งที จะไม่ขึ้นไปพิชิตยอดเขาได้ยังไง!” video, they bought a passport to Thailand’s national parks. This sparked curiosity and a trend among Thais as many never knew this thing existed. After the video went viral, numerous Thai people followed the trend and scooped up this passport.

The passport is used to get stamps when you visit certain national parks in Thailand. It also provides information about all national parks in the country. Visitors can buy this passport at any national park’s tourist centre, which costs ฿100 (~USD2.79).

8. They are Samsung S24 Ultra’s presenters in Thailand

facts about jung & cullen
Screenshot: Samsung Thailand via YouTube

Thanks to their influence in Thai society, Samsung Thailand reached out to Jung and Cullen and picked them to present their latest S24 Ultra. We heard Samsung only took five minutes to decide on them as presenters. Turns out, it was a great call because once the ad dropped, it really blew up and became viral, bringing tons of attention to the smartphone.

Hope you enjoyed these facts about Jung & Cullen Hateberry

With all these facts, it’s no wonder why many Thais are drawn to these two Korean guys. Their content isn’t just entertaining; it’s also practical and motivating for adventurous souls.

If you fancy watching travel videos like us, give this channel a try, and you will fall in love with their cute, funny and energetic personalities.

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Cover image adapted from: @cullen_hateberry via Instagram and @cullen_hateberry via Instagram

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