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This Website Tells Your Fortune From Your Phone Number For Free

Lucky phone number in Thailand

There are so many different ways that citizens across the globe try to improve their fortunes: through carrying lucky tokens, wearing certain colours on specified days and even arranging your furniture in a special way. 

In Thailand, we also believe that phone numbers can determine your luck.

Choosing a lucky phone number 

There are many ways to find out the best phone number for you – numerology readings, fortune tellings or even trial-and-error. The easiest way, though, would probably be to enter your phone number into a ‘luck’ calculator, like Somjade, and see on a scale of 1-1000 how fortunate your digits will make you. 

While the website is in Thai, you can input any phone number from any country. 

forbidden number
I got a score of -629/1000 which is considered an “absolute loss”.
Screenshot: Somjade 

The numbers on the bottom left are the most important. The top one indicates how much positivity your phone number will bring, and the bottom left number shows how much misfortune you’ll bring. Should you receive a warning like the one on the bottom right, Somjade is trying to inform you that you have a “forbidden number” that should be changed immediately.

After calculating the luckiness of your phone number, Somjade also gives a detailed reading of your fortune – which, in my case, was scarily accurate. 

bad luck phone numberIt mentioned even the medical conditions that I currently suffer from and the dynamics of my previous relationships.
Screenshot: Somjade

Buying a lucky phone number in Thailand

If you go to any telephone service provider in Thailand, they will have a list of lucky phone numbers you can choose from – sometimes they’ll even be classed in ‘bronze’, ‘silver’ or ‘gold’ in terms of fortune. 

Another option is to order a phone number off the website catalogue itself, prices vary from under ฿1,000 (~USD32.69) to ฿350,000 (~USD11,442), depending on the amount of luck they’ll bring or how many times a certain digit is consecutive. 

Different belief systems

Everyone believes in different things – some may rely on tarot cards, some on astrology and many more. If having a lucky number or token makes you feel more ready to tackle the world, then it’s important to nurture that sense of faith, until it becomes malicious. 

For more on Thai superstitions: 

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