PAUSE CNX cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Besides Bangkok, the city of Chiang Mai is another famous spot cafe hoppers from around the world love to visit. The next time you’re in town, PAUSE CNX cafe is a new spot you can’t miss – it is also the only cafe in Thailand to win the world’s architecture award from Architect+.

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PAUSE CNX cafe is hidden behind the famous temple Wat Umong which takes only about 15 minutes to drive here from the centre of Chiang Mai. 

PAUSE CNX cafe Chiang MaiImages adapted from: PAUSE CNX

What makes this cafe stand out is its sleek architecture, which won it a prestigious international award. The cafe won the first prize in the area of architecture and landscape from Architect+ magazine. 

Chiang Mai Cafe
Image credit: PAUSE CNX

The cafe gives you the feeling like you’re travelling to another dimension. Cafe hoppers will have to walk through opaque curtains before being greeted by a mirror-walled building hidden inside. 

Chiang Mai Cafe
This is the door to get into the cafe
Image credit: PAUSE CNX

Both the exterior and interior have sleek futuristic and industrial designs. The most popular photo spot is their outdoor seat that’s surrounded by green plants where visitors can get a photoshoot of their reflections on the mirror walls. 

Chiang Mai CafeImage credit: @pang_nc

PAUSE CNX cafe Chiang MaiImages adapted from: @omber and @happi_dew 

Aside from the stunning architecture, the coffee here is prepared by a barista who joined Tokyo Barista Training Lab using Slayer Espresso Machines

Chiang Mai CafeImage credit: PAUSE CNX

Food items are available, with fusion dishes like Korean VS Japanese Pork Rice (฿120 ~USD3.80) and Northern Thai Spicy Sausage Pizza (฿160 ~USD5.10).

PAUSE CNX cafe Chiang MaiImages adapted from: PAUSE CNX

The atmosphere here is peaceful and refreshing thanks to it being hidden within nature. If you plan to visit Chaing Mai soon, Wat Umong and PAUSE CNX cafe are worth adding to your adventure list. 

Address: 85 Moo 5, Kingphai Soi 3, Suthep, Mueang, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Opening Hours: 10AM – 6PM (Closed on Tuesdays)
Telephone: +66 6 1952 8995
PAUSE CNX website | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from (L-R): PAUSE CNX, @happi_dew

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