Thai dough sticks near Khao San Road 

Khao San Road might be one of the most exciting places in Bangkok, but just a short walk away is Phra Sumen, a peaceful district with old town vibes. There is lots to do and see here, from historical attractions and local food stores to speakeasy bars and cafes.

While exploring the area, street food lovers should head to Patonggo Cafe – a grilled dough store that’s made its way into the Michelin Guide’s list of recommendations.

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Fusion menu items at Patonggo Cafe 

Operating for over 50 years, Patonggo Cafe has been able to create all sorts of interesting menu items that you won’t be able to find at any normal patonggo shop. From sweet and savoury snacks to drinks with a twist, here’s what to get here.

Patonggo Cafe in Bangkok

Their signature plain patonggo, or Thai dough sticks, is something locals usually eat for breakfast together with hot soybean milk or coffee. It also can be eaten as a midday snack dipped, served with pandan custard for dipping. 

Patonggo Cafe in Bangkok

The must-order item is Grilled Patonggo With Pandan Coconut Sauce (฿40) which features chopped grilled dough sticks topped with a sweet pandan coconut sauce and slivers of fresh coconut. 

The dough sticks are not too oily, and have a nice crunchy exterior while soft anf chewy on the inside. It is also grilled over charcoal, giving it a slightly smoky aroma.

Patonggo Cafe in Bangkok

The green pandan sauce is creamy and not too sweet. Plus, the fresh coconut slices also help give the dish a nice texture and complements the taste of pandan well. 

Other flavours of dipping sauces available include chocolate, orange, strawberry, and condensed milk. The dough is also served with ice cream in 2 selections: S – ฿40 and L – ฿80

Check with the staff to see what ice cream flavours are available each day. 

Patonggo Cafe in Bangkok

While we were chilling with our grilled patonggo with pandan, we were looking through their menu and found a surprise. 

While we were browsing the menu, we saw something surprising and knew we had to order it at once. Unlike other patonggo carts that stick to sweet dishes, this cafe had a variety of savoury items. We went with the Thai Style Seafood Salad With Patonggo (฿60), and it became was our favourite of the day. 

Micheline Guide Restaurant

The fluffy pieces of patonggo absorbed the rich and flavourful salad sauce, which had a sweet and sour taste. It was also pretty spicy, but the fresh seafood like shrimp, squid, and fish helped cut the heat.

If you want to have your dough sticks with a drink, go for the Nom-Ya (฿40) which features 2 layers of fresh milk and pandan sauce on the top, or Cha-Ya (฿40) that combines Thai tea with pandan coconut sauce.

Patonggo Cafe in Bangkok

Pandan coconut sauce takes the role of sugar, adding a mellow sweetness to the drinks.

Bangkok cafe

The store owner suggested dipping pieces of grilled patonggo into the drinks, which was a great idea. The dough soaked up the drinks and pandan sauce, and it oddly felt like we were eating toast with ice cream.

Aside from grilled patonggo, customers can opt for a more filling dishes like Crispy Pork With Rice (฿50), Chicken In Gravy With Rice (฿50), or noodles (start at ฿50). 

Chill cafe in Bangkok’s Old Town 

Bangkok Cafe

Patonggo Cafe is located at the intersection of Phra Sumen and Sib Sam Hang Road. The old-style architecture that surrounds the cafe gave it a nice nostalgic charm.

Micheline Guide Restaurant

Phra Sumen Road is full of things to do, so explore the area once you’re done having your patonggo fix. From local markets to art galleries, this is a spot to visit over the weekends.

Patonggo Cafe
Address: 246 Phra Sumen Rd., Talat Yot, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200.
Opening Hours: 8.30AM-7PM, Daily
Nearest Train Station: Sam Yot MRT
Telephone: +66 2 281 9754

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