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Patong Beach In Phuket Is Deserted This Songkran Due To The Recent Surge Of Covid-19 Cases

Patong Beach quiet on Songkran 2021

Just a week or two ago, Phuket was prepared to receive a number of visitors for this Songkran holiday as Thailand begins to open its country one border after another with the island being one of the initiatives.

However, a recent surge in Covid-19 cases have caused many travel plans to be cancelled, leaving one of the most popular beaches like Patong Beach in Phuket to remain a ghost town.

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Ghost town in Phuket prolongs

Just over a week ago, another Covid-19 outbreak took place as a UK Covid-19 variant entered the Kingdom, leading to several clusters in major areas like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chonburi that once again caused travel plans to halt particularly during this Songkran holiday.

Patong Beach, the most popular beach in Phuket, was supposed to be lively this Songkran with many of the island’s hotels booked prior to the surge, according to Matichon.

Now that Covid-19 is back on the streets, local and foreigner visitors alike have pulled back their plans, prolonging the ghost town state of tourist destinations like the beach.

patong beach
Image credit: Matichon

With no customers to attend to, the majority of small businesses and operators such as sun loungers, masseuses, and jet skis have to hit pause on their services despite the holiday season.

A few confirmed cases of Covid-19 around Bangla road area have also led the small number of tourists to remain indoors making Phuket’s overall atmosphere even quieter.

A little longer

Despite the clear sight of the shore ahead, it looks like we’ll have to stay on the water a little longer as Thailand postpones its new year’s celebrations for the second time. And we hope that it won’t have to for the third time.

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Cover images adapted from: Ithaka (Left), Matichon (Right)

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