Thai citizens band together to share food

Images adapted from: @thestandard and Sanook

The lockdown caused businesses to close down and people to adapt, with people taking up temporary jobs to make ends meet. 

With some struggling to even buy food, some communities decided to set up “The Pantry of Sharing” to give away food while working towards recovery together.

One big community helping one another

One of the people in charge of setting up the pantries around Bangkok, Mr. Supakit Kulchartvijit, commented that his idea was initially met with skepticism but was relieved to see Thai people acting charitable towards one another.

One Ms. Theswong Kulwadee from Khon Kaen not only got a discount for her good deed but received additional help from a showroom when she asked to set up her pantry outside.

Trusting the community to be mindful

Sharing Pantry sign

Image credit: Sanook

Translation: “Please help yourself to what you need. If you have something, put it in the pantry”

Each pantry is boldly left in designated areas, whether beside grassy dirt roads or standing in the middle of a sidewalk next to a shop. But just to be sure, the pantries have someone on guard.

Sharing Pantry guard

Image credit: AEC Thai TV

It is an exercise in trust in a community that no one gets greedy and takes everything, otherwise there will be no more sharing pantries. Though there have been reports of people taking the movement for granted, others are still thankful that these pantries are available for those that truly need it. 

One grandma was also seen doing the “wai” gesture at a pantry as a form of gratitude after taking what she needed, which warmed the hearts of those who saw it.

The generosity of strangers

Acts of goodwill during these trying times not only makes us feel better but helps our fellow human beings.

It is a heartwarming reminder that there are selfless people wanting to help total strangers get back on their feet.

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