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Working in a crowded, industrial area with noise all around is good enough motivation for us to look for a quiet and peaceful getaway. A couple of days in the forest can certainly help us recharge after long stretches of working hard in the city.

If a woodlands-escape is something you’ve been seeking, we’d suggest heading over to this newly opened spot in Chiang Mai.

Norden Glamping is a glampsite with private outdoor tubs in the forest where you can see refreshing greenery everywhere you look and soak among towering trees.

If you are a forest lover, we’d be willing to bet you can’t wait to find out more about this glamping spot.

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This glamping site is located in the middle of the forest

The Aarhus cabin lies a stream which has the softening sounds of the water flowing past. 
Image credit: Ror-Rai

Norden Glamping is a forest glampsite in Chiang Mai with indoor & outdoor private bathtubs that lets you experience the forest at its core with four secluded all-glass cabins with distinctive shapes and sizes.

During the day, you can get lost in thought by listening to the sound of the stream on the balcony.
Image credit: เที่ยวให้ยับ

In the morning, you can sit and sip your coffee under the morning sunlight reflecting off of the stream.

However, if you’re not about sitting in the outdoors, the all-glass cabin lets you bask in the beauty from the comfort of your own space.

Secluded all-glass cabins that let you see through to the greenery

Once you get to see the charm of this forest, you wouldn’t want to stop looking at it. Thankfully, you really never have to with the glass cabins’ transparent walls.

Image credit: Ror-Rai

All of the cabins have air-conditioner, Wi-Fi, heater, water kettle, mini-fridge and a Marshall speaker.

For larger parties, we’d recommend the Reine cabin accommodates up to four people at ฿20,900 (~USD622)/night and has three bathtubs.

Image credit: TH Readme

Inside, there’s a large space decorated with even more plants giving and a minimalist living area where you can chit chat or play some classic indoor games with your friends.

Image credit: Lazy Coup

For a similarly luxe experience at a lower price, the Helsinki cabin is available at ฿16,900 (~USD503)/night. Here, up to four guests can fit. However, the main difference is that the Helsinki cabin has two storeys and two bathtubs.

Image credit: TH Readme

When the sun goes down, you can enjoy BBQ or a hotpot meal for dinner for a romantic evening with yellow lights enlivening your cabin. Afterwards, you might want to consider bathing in the bathtubs to relax and guarantee a deep slumber.

Bathe in outdoor bathtubs to lose yourself in nature

Norden Glamping offers private outdoor bathtubs for when you want to enjoy the scenery without walking around too much.

Image credit: Ror-Rai

You can soak yourself in warm water and breathe in the woody scents that’ll give you a completely different atmosphere from that of your office.

Have a forest getaway at Norden Glamping in Chiang Mai

When I get tired from working, getting away to somewhere quiet is what I plan to do, so I can spend time with myself and sort things out. Accordingly, a cosy cabin in the forest with the flowing sound of the stream is the ideal place for me.

There are many forest getaways in Thailand, but few of them really put you in the middle of the forest like Norden Glamping does. Hence, this glamping site is an answer for those who love nature and love to place themselves in the middle of the forest.

Norden Glamping
Address: Huay Kaew, Mae On, Chiang Mai 50130
Telephone: +66 9 2444 7950, +66 5 3111 985
Norden Glamping’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left):  Together, Jmspht, Lazy Coup

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