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Chiang Mai Elephant Camp Hosts Free Songkran Party, Guests Can Splash Around With Gentle Giants

Chiang Mai Elephant Camp

As we know elephants are national symbols in Thailand, and they are popular among tourists from around the world, especially during the Thai new year festival, Songkran.

Consequently, some people are expecting to splash water with elephants during Songkran in Thailand.

So here’s good news for people who dream of doing just that. Maesa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai is hosting a free party that invites guests to join in a water fight with the elephants there.

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Everyone’s invited and can enter for free

Maesa Elephant Camp is decorated with sand pagodas, toongs, and colourful triangle flags to match the camp with the Songkran festival, reported by Khaosod on 10th April 2022.

elephant camp Image credit: Khaosod

And thankfully, the camp is open – free of charge – for anyone who wants to celebrate alongside the elephants from 13th – 16th April 2022.

Visitors can enter from 9AM – 3PM.

Feel free to take photos and splash water with the elephants

This year, we’re advised against engaging in water fights. However, there’s technically nothing stopping us from splashing around with animals.

This festival season, you can try something new by splashing in the water with elephants here at Maesa Elephant Camp, according to The Thaiger.

elephant camp Image credit: The Thaiger

Not just that, but you can buy food to feed the elephants at the camp.

Guests can get up close and personal to learn more about the elephants and camp, which has been open for 45 years.

Image credit: Khaosod

Also, the elephants’ keepers will bring out the elephants to the stream. Here, guests can enjoy watching the magnificent creatures shower and enjoy the water.

An opportunity for those who want to get close to elephants

Many tourists come to Thailand wishing to see elephants and take photos with them.

We find this party to be a good opportunity for anyone who wishes to hang out with elephants, as well as splash around with these gentle giants.

We wish you the best over this Songkran break.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Khaosod

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