5 new attractions opening in 2022

The New Year marks the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. It’s also a time where we’re ready to welcome new journeys with outstretched arms and aim to become the best versions of ourselves.

To get a jump start on going on new adventures, our recommendation is to go on a trip somewhere you’ve never been before.

If you’re already an avid traveller and can’t think of a place you haven’t been, don’t worry. We’ve curated a list of newly opened attractions in Thailand for those who are itching to go somewhere even others haven’t been before. 

Here are five new attractions that opened in 2022 to check out before they get crowded.

More places to check out in Thailand:

1. Taloh Cabin – 7th January 2022

Our first recommendation on the list is none other than Taloh Cabin, a newly opened nature getaway in Chiang Mai.

Image credit: ตามติดชีวิตผีบ้า

With the site being tucked away in a forest where there’s no WiFi or phone service, Taloh Cabin is a very good place to disconnect from the city chaos. 

This stand-alone accommodation also offers a small terrace where you can sit quietly in the woods and take in the natural soundscape while the birds call and sing to each other.

Image credit: ตามติดชีวิตผีบ้า 

To elevate your immerse-in-nature experience to the next level, visitors are highly encouraged  to bathe in the jacuzzi on the cabin’s terrace that overlooks the forest. 

Reading books here will keep you focused on the story much better.
Image credit: ตามติดชีวิตผีบ้า 

The price per night for two people starts at at ฿6,900 (~USD208.41) and includes a personal parking space

If jacuzzis in the middle of nature are your thing but it’s hard to get away, read on to the next point for another luxurious bathing experience. 

Taloh Cabin
Address: Taloh Cabin Mae Lai Village 52/2 Huai Kaeo, Mae On District, Chiang Mai
Telephone: +66 9 5748 7419, +66 9 5519 8050
Taloh Cabin Facebook | Google Maps

2. Onsen at Le Méridien Bangkok – March 2022

Le Méridien Bangkok has recently announced that the hotel will open a new Onsen spa in March 2022.

Image credit: TimeOut Bangkok 

The hot spring will be located on the sixth floor as a new addition to the hotel’s lifestyle section.

Image credit: @Petcharat_srk

You can also look forward to the fitness centre, spa, and outdoor pool with a bar, when planning your visit to the lifestyle segment of Le Méridien.

Image credit: @Lemeridienbangkok

While you can patiently wait for the new Onsen’s opening to start your new year adventure, we also have other attractions you can check out. Scroll down to read them.

Le Méridien Bangkok 
Address: 40, 5 Thanon Surawong, Bangrak, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Telephone: +66 2 232 8888
Le Méridien Bangkok Facebook | Google Maps

3. Lua Mul Prai – 10th January 2022

Lau Mul Prai in Chiang Mai is a newly opened nature retreat with cosy cabins situated near the mountainous landscape.

Image credit: ลัวะ มัล ไปร ที่พักบ่อเกลือ

What makes this attraction outstanding is that it’s perched on a salt-well.

Image credit: ลัวะ มัล ไปร ที่พักบ่อเกลือ

These wooden cabins help highlight the beauty of the vast green mountains and will allow you to live in peace and tranquility for at least a couple days. 

Image credit: ลัวะ มัล ไปร ที่พักบ่อเกลือ

If you’ve never seen sun rays so well-contrasted with a sea of fog in the morning, here’s your chance to experience this natural beauty. 

Imagine a cool breeze blowing on your face while you breathe in some fresh air. We’re certain that with a rare experience like this, this area is hands-down going to be your new recharge spot.

Image credit: ลัวะ มัล ไปร ที่พักบ่อเกลือ

The attraction also boasts a variety of romantic spots such as a chillaxing corner on the stream, where you can sit and admire nature as the sun sinks behind the mountains.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, we’d recommend booking ASAP as the attraction is running a special promotion where rooms are going for ฿900 (~USD27) until February 2022. You also get a discount coupon for your next visit if you book during the promo period. 

We already have relaxing getaway destinations on our list. Now, it’s time for a one day trip to foreign country that requires no passport and currency exchange.

Lua Mul Prai
Address: 75FJ+7H Bo Kluea Nuea, Bo Kluea District, Nan
Telephone: +66 9 0759 0196
Lua Mul Prai Facebook | Google Maps

4. Harajuku Thailand – March 2022 (Grand Opening)

For those who want to go on a trip in Japan, but never got the chance to fly across to the island, we suggest heading over to Harajuku Thailand, where you can say Konichiwa to Japan without taking a flight.

Image credit: Harajuku Thailand

No, you didn’t misread. Getting to this Japan-like town takes only an hour-long drive from the heart of Bangkok. 

This attraction’s name pays homage to a newly-renovated historic railway station in Japan. Here, visitors can find several vintage Japanese-esque structures ornamented with ubiquitous Japanese decorating items we’re sure you’re familiar with.

Image credit: PAPAYATOP.COM

There are a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and stalls, but the highlight here at Harajuku Thailand is none other than a replica of Meiji Shrine.

Image credit: Happy หนีเที่ยว

At this spot, we recommend writing down your wishes on an Ema, a small wooden board, and leave it hanging at the temple as it is believed that your wish will be fulfilled if you do so.

Image credit: ชิลไปไหน

We’d suggest planning your trip ASAP as this new hit had a soft opening in December 2021, but  is set to open officially in March 2022.

A day-trip to Japan is pretty hard to top, especially when you’re trying to entertain kids. If you’re looking for somewhere equally exciting to take your kids, then read on to find out more about a giant indoor playground. 

Harajuku Thailand
Opening Hours: 10.30AM – 9PM, Monday – Thursday | 10AM – 10PM, Friday – Sunday
Address: 47/2 Moo.13, Krathum Rai, Nhongjok, Bangkok 10530
Telephone: +66 9 0920 9885
Harajuku Thailand Facebook | Google Maps

5. Little Sheep Kids Cafe – 8th January 2022

Little Sheep Kids Cafe is a two-story bistro for kids, but is more than a typical Cafe.

Image credit: Journey of Kemtis การเดินทางของเข็มทิศ

This new landmark for kids in Bangkok features a wide range of playground-like sections such as a ball pool and a slide that goes down a whole story.

At this indoor playground, children do not only get a chance to enjoy playing and making new friends, but also have an opportunity to engage in the activities like cooking and building with Legos in at the cafe’s Learning Zones. 

Image credit: Journey of Kemtis การเดินทางของเข็มทิศ

The ticket for kids is available at ฿480 (~USD14) and ฿120 (~USD4) for adults.

All ticket holders are allowed to play inside for three hours. There are three opening times, including the first round (10 AM – 1 PM), the second round (1.30 PM – 4.30 PM), and the third round (5 PM – 8 PM). 

So, visitors are required to book their time before paying a visit.

Image credit: Little sheep kids cafe

Don’t worry about “patiently” sitting while waiting for your child. The Cafe also offers a bar where parents can have a drink while watching over their children.

We already offered a special gift to children. But, we recommend that parents reward themselves too. Read along to see what’s the hype about the bonus destination we proudly present.

Little Sheep Kids Cafe
Opening Hours: 10AM – 8PM, Daily
Address: 401/2 Nong Khang Phlu, Nong Khaem, Bangkok 10160
Telephone: +66 9 3353 6356
Little Sheep Kids Cafe Facebook | Google Maps

BONUS: Thunwa The Campsite – 11th December 2021

If you’re looking for a place with a brilliant vista of rolling hills, Thunwa The Campsite will not disappoint you.

This mountainside estate boasts a panoramic view of the Phetchabun landscape, providing vacationers a great opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Image credit: Thunwa The Campsite

Waking up to the sea of fog rolling across the neighbouring mountain range and valleys is an ultimate bliss you can find at this mountainside estate. 

Image credit: Thunwa The Campsite

The accommodation was constructed as if it meant to bring you close to natural beauty.

Image credit: Thunwa The Campsite

To get really close to nature, you can book a tent and enjoy a small patio for a picnic and chillaxing outdoors. The tents are available at ฿5,800 (~USD175)/night

Image credit: Thunwa The Campsite

Don’t forget to jot down the following special promotions offered for parties of two who check in for three days and two nights.

  • Tiny Cabin is available at ฿9,000 (~USD271.74) and includes breakfast (U.P.฿10,000 (~USD301.93).  
  • Tent + Tiny cabin is available at ฿7,000 (~USD211.42) and includes breakfast  

The promotional period lasts from January 2022 – February 2022.

Thunwa The Campsite
Address: GXWV+X6 Sado Phong, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun
Telephone: +66 9 8484 6655
Thunwa The Campsite Facebook | Google Maps

Book your tickets & start planning your trip all year round

If you really can’t wait to go on a trip after reading our list of 6 new attractions in Thailand above, you’re far from being alone.

At first glance, we’re sure that these destinations are going to  get busy all year round. So, in order to avoid missing a great opportunity to go on an all-new adventure while also avoiding crowds, we’d suggest planning your trip from this moment on.

In case you get so excited that you are already planning your trip, don’t forget to let us know which one caught your eye so quickly in the comments section.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Journey of Kemtis การเดินทางของเข็มทิศ, ตามติดชีวิตผีบ้า, แบกกล้องเที่ยว, TimeOut Bangkok

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