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Meet The Myanmar Woman Who Claims To Have The Smallest Waist In The World 

Women with the world’s tiniest waist 

Attaining a small waist might be the dream shape many people work hard for. However, this woman from Myanmar claimed to have been born with a naturally tiny waist and has just proposed herself to win the world record for the world’s smallest waist.

Has a 13.7 inch waist

Su Niang with the smallest waist in the worldImage credit: @sumohnaing

There are some women who have won the tiniest waist record, but not without the help of corsets or even plastic surgery such as rib removal. But it’s different for this woman from Myanmar named Su Naing

The 23-year-old says that she was born with a super thin waist without needing any surgeries. Her waist measures only 13.7 inches or around 35 centimetres. 

Su Niang with the smallest waist in the worldImage credit: @sumohnaing

But this hasn’t been all well-received. She’s gotten tons of negative comments from netizens saying that her pictures are altered, even going so far to say that she’s gotten her ribs removed. However, Su Niang insists that it’s completely natural and that might have inherited it from someone in her family. 

She added that she eats nutritious food and always exercises in order to keep her waist in shape and stay healthy. 

Wants to win Guinness World Record  

Women with the smallest waist in the world
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Su Niang has just proposed to the Guinness World Record to consider her for the world’s smallest waist without surgery. 

Women with the smallest waist in the world
Image credit: Ethel Granger

The person who currently holds the world’s record for the smallest waist is an English woman named Ethel Granger, who had only a 13 inch waist. Su Niang might not beat the old champion, but it’s worth noting that Ethel’s waist was the result of wearing a corset 24/7. 

Women with the smallest waist in the worldImage credit: @sumohnaing

We’ll leave it up to you to decide, but you can follow Su Niang on Instagram at @sumohnaing and check out whether or not she’s deserving of the record. 

Having a particular body shape is a personal preference at the end of the day, but it’s not worth ever hurting your bodies for. Everybody can be beautiful in their own way regardless of beauty standards, and attaining a “dream body” shouldn’t compromise your physical or mental health.

Images adapted from: @sumohnaing

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