Thailand Has An Entire Neighbourhood With MUJI-Style Houses Built For Young Homeowners

Minimalistic houses in Rayong

Over the past years, many online reports have suggested that the younger gen is less likely to buy houses due to economic reasons and modern lifestyles. While young folks like us agree with the given reasons, we also genuinely believe that today’s generic house designs just don’t do it anymore.

And it seems like we’re not the only ones thinking that.

Image credit: Little House Development

In July, Thai real estate company Little House Development debuted their newly-built gated community in Rayong province which has been creating a buzz among young Thai netizens.

What makes this project unique is the design of their homes, which has a charming Japanese architectural style with a minimal vibe – both on the outside and inside.

Image credit: Little House Development

Most of their promotional posts have gone viral with a couple of thousand shares each. However, the one posted in July has already been shared for 17,000 times with more than 8,000 comments as of now.

Single & twin houses

Image credit: Little House Development

The project comes with 2 house options: single and twin. While the single type offers more privacy, the twin ones have more space for more family members. 

However, the company has yet to reveal the price of the houses.

Image credit: Little House Development

Despite the difference in the exterior, both single and twin houses share the same minimalistic concept. Inside the house, you can clearly see that it’s airy and bright with lots of natural light and spaces.

And by adding simple wooden furniture* and cute trinkets into the scene, you’ll feel as if you’re living in a Muji showroom in your own home. 

*There’s no information about whether the furniture included.

Image credit: Little House Development

Houses for young folks

Little House Development made it clear on their social media that their target market is younger Thai folks. With this goal, they came up with special conditions like anyone with the minimum monthly income of ฿17,500 are eligible to apply for an instalment plan.

Are these houses looking similar to the ones in your dreams? If so, you should spend the coming weekend in Rayong checking out this gated community in person. 

For more information and details, click here.

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