10 Islands In Eastern Thailand You Should Explore: Scenic Beaches, Scuba Diving & Parasailing

10 islands in eastern Thailand to visit

Eastern Thailand is a well-liked destination for numerous island-hoppers due to its beautiful islands.

Here are 10 islands in eastern Thailand where you can vacation and enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, snorkelling, and parasailing.

1. Koh Samae San, Sattahip – snorkelling day trip at Luk Lom Beach, 2 hours from Bangkok

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If you only have time for one day of snorkelling, Koh Samae San, an island in Sattahip, near Pattaya, is just enough. Start at Thian Beach and Luk Lom Beach, the two beaches open to visitors, where you can rent snorkelling equipment for ฿50 (~USD1.50) per person per hour or a kayak for ฿50 (~USD1.50) every half an hour.

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Other things you can do here include cycling, playing volleyball, or simply hanging out at the beach and restaurants. However, do note that you aren’t allowed to stay overnight on the island, but can find a place to stay near the Khao Ma Jor Pier instead. Also, bikinis aren’t allowed, and foreigners need a Thai person to go with you.

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After coming back from the island, try Samaesarn Kitchen Seafood Restaurant – a famous eatery about 7 minutes’ drive from the pier. If you like seafood, try the restaurant’s Seafood Baked Curry With Coconut for ฿250 (~USD7.47)

To get to the island, take a Bangkok-Rayong bus from Bangkok Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2/Ekkamai) and get off after the 2.5-hour journey at Km 10 Night Market. Then catch a taxi to Thai Island and Sea Natural History Museum, and buy a round-trip ticket for ฿300 (~USD8.95) for each Thai citizen and ฿600 (~USD17.98) for each foreigner.

The ticket includes a shuttle service to the pier on the island, island access via a 20-minute boat ride from Khao Ma Jor Pier, transport between both beaches open to the public, and of course museum and public bathroom admission.

Koh Samae San
Address: Samaesarn, Sattahip District, Chon Buri
Google Maps

2. Koh Kham – small island near Koh Samae with a viewpoint to hike to

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Koh Kham, located next to Samae San Island, is an alternative if you want a smaller island to tour. There’s a scenic viewpoint where you can trek up to get a view of the indigo ocean and enjoy a calm atmosphere.

Getting here, you can buy a ticket at Thai Island and Sea Natural History Museum – the same spot where you buy a ticket to go to Koh Samae San. The ticket costs ฿300 (~USD8.95)/round trip for Thai citizens and ฿600(~USD17.98)/round trip for foreigners. It takes about 30 minutes to arrive at the island from Khao Ma Jor Pier.

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There are lots of fun things to do on the island. If you fancy kayaking, you can rent a kayak at the beach for ฿100 (~USD2.99)/hour. Additionally, you can go snorkelling by renting equipment at ฿50 (~USD1.50)/person.

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The way to the viewpoint isn’t smooth, so be careful while trekking. Once you reach the spot, you can see a curving rocky coast along the ocean

Koh Kham
Address: Sattahip, Sattahip District, Chon Buri 20180
Google Maps

3. Koh Larn, Pattaya  – enjoy parasailing 30 minutes from Pattaya

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Koh Larn is a famous island in Pattaya where city residents flock to enjoy nice beaches, wooded hills, and chic cafes aplenty on holidays.

You can take a 2-hour bus from Bangkok to Pattaya Bus Terminal and get a taxi to Bali Hai Pier. There, get a boat ride to the island for ฿30 (~USD0.90)/person. You can also consider other faster boat ride options, which can be more expensive.

The island offers a bunch of entertaining activities for fun-seekers, be it parasailing, paragliding, surfing and so on. If you want to parasail, you can enjoy one by visiting Kohlarn Lovers from around ฿600 (~USD7.47)/person.

For first-time parasailers, parasailing is a relaxing kiting activity, and you don’t have to know how to swim to enjoy it. You just need a few essential equipment pieces and listen to the crew carefully to fly safely in the air. Plus, follow the weather, as thunderstorms can be dangerous to do the activity. While parasailing, you can admire the surroundings like marine lives, greenery, houses and hills.

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While there are songthaews (local pick-up taxis) around the island, the most fun way to explore the island is to do it with a motorcycle, which can be rented from ฿200 (~USD5.97)/day.

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If you plan to stay overnight, Cara Cara Resort is a beach-theme resort that offers rooms from ฿2,560 (~USD76.43)/night. It features pleasant designs, beautiful gardens, and a large swimming pool.

Koh Larn
Address: Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri
Google Maps

4. Koh Si Chang – chill out at Asdang Bridge, 2 hours from Bangkok

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Koh Si Chang in Sriracha is another island where you can come and chill out for a day with nice views of the sea.

To get here,  you can drive or take a bus to Koh Loy Pier in Sriracha, then get a ferry ride to Koh Si Chang for ฿50 (~USD1)/round trip.

Image credit: @ladiicreamm

The island has many photogenic places, such as a major landmark Asdang Bridge,a long bridge to the sea with a white pavilion for you to come and snap pics.

Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine is a must-visit place where you can pay your respects to Buddha’s footprint and gaze at a commanding view of the island and the ocean.

Image credit: @ningiji

Ruen Mai Rim Talay is an attractive cafe in a green traditional Thai wooden house. You can drop by to hang out here before heading back to the city.

Koh Si Chang
Address: Tha Thewawong, Ko Sichang District, Chon Buri
Google Maps

5. Koh Samet, Rayong – snap cool pics with a mermaid statue

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Koh Samet is a well-known large island in Rayong where you can visit from Bangkok in 3 hours.

First-timers should take some photos with a mermaid statue on the beach, a landmark at Sai Kaew Beach, to prove that they’ve made it here.

Image credit: @thiptripstory

If you crave seafood during the journey, there are many seafood restaurants by the beach to try out, such as Narsan Restaurant, which serves steamed squid with lemon & chilli for ฿350 (~USD10.54).

For party-goers, Naga Bar is a famous bar where you should come to meet people and party all night with music.

Image credit: @unpeudehannah

At nightfall, don’t miss spectacular fire shows that many local beach bars and restaurants hold, typically on the weekends.

To get here, find Ban Phe Pier and get a boat ride to reach the island for ฿100 (~USD2.98)/round trip.

Koh Talu
Address: Chakphong, Klaeng District, Rayong
Google Maps

6. Koh Mun Nork – stay at the island’s only resort to enjoy privacy

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If you’re looking for a little island to get away from chaos, Koh Man Nork would be an interesting place to take yourself to. The island offers greenery and serenity.

Image credit: @i_ing_ing

As the island is so small, there’s only one place to stay here: Koh Munnork Private Island. The resort is located next to a beach and gives you a private feel. In front of the resort lies some small huts for guests to relax with a view of the sea.

The room starts from ฿3,600 (~USD107.44) for two people per night including breakfast and a round-trip boat ride.

You can take a Bangkok-Rayong-Klaeng bus from Ekkamai Bus Terminal to Klaeng District in Rayong, then get a taxi ride to Laem Tan Pier to hitch a boat ride to Koh Man Nork.

Koh Man Nork
Address: Kram, Klaeng District, Rayong
Google Maps

7. Koh Talu, Rayong – swim through a huge rock arch 

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Near Koh Samet, you can take a trip to Koh Talu in Rayong to admire its clear waters and lovely coral reefs. The island offers quiet beaches to hang around if you want some peace.

Interestingly, the iconic spot of the island is a huge arch of rock that you can swim through.

Image credit: @teejetee

Many people come here to enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving, as the island has clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. The Toy Tour is a scuba diving program from ฿790 (~USD23.57) per person which includes scuba diving in other islands nearby as well.

Image credit: @kendekras

When you’re here, make sure you check out Koh Talu Viewpoint where you can trek up to view the coast of the island.

If you wish to visit the island, you can drive to Ban Phe Pier and get a boat ride from there.

Koh Talu
Address: Chakphong, Klaeng District, Rayong
Google Maps

8. Koh Wai, Trat – kayak around the tiny island in 2 hours

Image credit: @kohwaiiparadise

Koh Wai is an island between Koh Chang and Koh Mak. The island offers many alluring quiet shores to relax and declutter your mind. As it doesn’t get much attention from tourists, the island is a perfect spot for people seeking privacy.

Image credit: @yuiichompoo

You can find a few resorts to stay at here, such as Koh Wai Paradise, Koh Wai Pakarang Resort, or Good Feeling.

Looking for a low-impact workout, you can rent a SUP board to paddle from ฿150 (~USD4.48)/hour or rent a kayak from ฿400 (~USD12.06)/day at Koh Wai Paradise.

You can visit Koh Wai by riding a bus from Bangkok to Trat Bus Terminal, then hail a taxi or car to get to Laem Ngop Pier for a boat ride to the island.

Koh Wai
Address: Koh Chang Tai, Ko Chang District, Trat 23170
Google Maps

9. Koh Kood, Trat – hiking trails, waterfalls & a giant Buddha overlooking ocean

Image credit: @shantaakohkood

Koh Kood is a major island in Trat filled with beaches, bays, and waterfalls worth visiting where you can escape to nature.

Image credit: @styleandsourceuk

Here, you may have a chance to meet the local community living on houses above the sea, and learn about their lifestyles.

Nearby, there’s Ao Salat Temple with a giant buddha statue overlooking the ocean. You can walk up there to pay your respects.

Image credit: @gavsgoneagain

Interestingly, there are several scenic lush waterfalls hidden on the islands. Huang Nam Kaew Waterfall is one of them surrounded by thick foliage where you can come and get lost in greenery while trekking through forested trails on the way to the waterfall.

You can take a bus from Bangkok’s bus terminals Ekkamai or Mo Chit to Trat Bus Terminal, then get a taxi to Laem Sok Pier to buy a boat ticket there.

Koh Kood
Address: Ko Kut, Ko Kut District, Trat
Google Maps

10. Koh Chang, Trat – see a lighthouse, a mangrove & an adventure park

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Koh Chang, another highly visited island in Trat, offers mangroves, waterfalls, and many outdoor activities for vacationers. It’s also located among other small islands where visitors can journey to.

Image credit: @aarmkun

Mangrove Ban Salak Phet is a nature spot with a nature trail where you can walk on to admire the beauty of the rich mangrove. If you keep walking to the end of the way, you’ll spot a panoramic view of the sea.

Image credit: @zhuravlev_vp

If you’re an adventure person, you can visit Tree Top Adventure Park. It’s a fun place with more than 20 challenges, such as zip-lining, Tarzan swings, rope bridges and more. The ticket costs ฿1,250 (~USD37.32) including transport, and ฿1,100 (~USD32.84) without transport.

Image credit: @gusaintna

However, if you want to do something relaxing, you can try a gondola tour at Ban Salak Khok from ฿200 (~USD5.97) per person per hour.

If you’re interested in visiting Koh Chang, drive or get a bus from Mo Chit or Ekkamai BKK Bus Terminal to Trat Bus Terminal. Hail a taxi/car to get to Aow Thammachat Pier to buy a ticket to go to Koh Chang.

Koh Chang
Address: Ko Chang District, Trat
Google Maps

Explore these islands in eastern Thailand

If you’re seeking islands near Bangkok to plan a holiday trip, here are some islands in eastern Thailand where you can spend a good time with your friends or family. These islands are located less than 5 hours from Bangkok.

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