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Hungry Elephant Breaks Into TikToker’s House, Comes Back For Seconds The Next Morning

Hungry elephant breaks into TikToker’s house

A few months ago, we’ve seen one case of an elephant that broke into someone’s home and literally left their kitchen in shambles.

Following the event, the elephant was meme’d in a Burger King ad.

A same same but different sort of affair occurred last week, where a hungry elephant broke into a TikToker’s house.

Let’s see how this case of an elephant breaking into someone’s house went.

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Hungry elephant comes to TikToker’s house twice

On 17th August 2021, a starving elephant broke into a TikToker’s, @plesrichai, house around Khao Yai National Park. This contemporary mammoth bulldozed through the social media user’s kitchen wall in order to grab some midnight snacks around 1AM.

In the first ten seconds of the video clip, we witness this big guy scraping around the rubble for food.

GIF: @plesrichai

Two nights later, the elephant came back to the TikToker’s place. However, the TikToker had no more food – or infrastructure – to spare.

Viewers can see the TikToker literally telling the elephant to stay away from home their home, and verbally confirming that there is nothing left for the elephant to eat.

GIF: @plesrichai

They also politely asked the animal guest to leave.

Thus, towards the end of the video, the giant passersby never entered the TikToker’s private manor and walked off.

Netizens think the elephant understood the TikToker

We knew animals were emotionally intelligent, but not this conscientious. Seemingly to be responsive towards @plesrichai‘s plea, netizens have asserted that the tusker understood the content creator’s expressions.

Screenshot: @plesrichai


Netizen 1: Cute, he understood you!

Netizen 2: What a obedient big guy!

Netizen 3: You have psychic powers.

Screenshot: @plesrichai

Translation:  Ple, which power did you use to communicate with the elephant?

TBH, we’d like to know how to communicate with animals too- maybe our cats will come when called next time.

Calmly confronting  our frequent animal visitor

More often than not, animal visitors come by our houses because they’re looking for security.

We really applaud this TikToker who calmly confronted his frequent visitor by just simply communicating with this big guy. He’s a good example of how to resolve conflict gently.

It’d be difficult for us to stay so calm in the midst of a giant animal trying to enter our homes.

Cover images adapted from: @plesrichai

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