Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangplee, Samutprakarn

Suvarnabhumi Airport is Thailand’s official airport located in Samutprakarn, a neighbouring province of Bangkok. 

This aviation hub was ranked 46th world’s best airport in 2019However, behind its grandiose appearance and 8,000-acre size, this airport is said to be one of the most haunted spots in Thailand, with reports about unexplained sightings and unexpected accidents.

All these sayings have hinted that there must have been something behind those mysterious events in the airport.

Here’s the creepy history about Suvarnabhumi Airport you may not have heard of. 

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Suvarnabhumi Airport was built on “cursed” lands

Originally a marshland called “Nong Ngu Hao

The land Suvarnabhumi Airport sits on used to be a marshland called “Nong Ngu Hao, which means “Cobra Swamp” in English.


The swamp was later drained for the construction of the airport, despite the terrain being deemed unsuitable by Anurak-sp for the establishment of the aviation hub.

Image credit: แนวหน้า

During the construction process, a lot of snakes in the area were killed, which locals believe put a curse on the land.

But, the snakes’ demise isn’t the only legend behind Suvarnabhumi Airport’s reported hauntings. There are also stories about lingering spirits who are said to roam around the area.

Spirit refuses to yield ownership

Nong Ngu Hao was not only a natural habitat for snakes, but also a cemetery that’s believed to be protected and guarded by Poo Ming, the plot’s guardian spirit.

Image credit: เที่ยงวันทันเหตุการณ์

When reports of unexplainable injuries and accidents began to surface, many blamed Poo Ming and other holy spirits who refused to leave the land. 

Moreover, these apparitions were said to often make appearances that frightened the staff. For instance, during the construction of the airport’s runways, workers reported that they encountered ghosts roaming around the site.

Image credit: Post Today

The airport’s authorities then held holy rituals aimed to calm the spirits and send them good merits, in hopes that the contractors could complete the project without further interruptions. 

The airport remains haunted

Although the construction project was finally completed, incidents beyond scientific explanation still continued. 

Given the supernatural atmosphere, 99 monks were invited to perform spiritual cleansing rituals for nine weeks to appease the spirits for the airport’s opening ceremony.

Image credit: DMC.TV

At the event, it was said that one of the security staff members was possessed by a spirit claiming to be Poo Ming. He cried to the authorities and told them that he would bring chaos to the airport, unless a shrine was set up in his honour.

The monks then doused the man with holy water, which was said to help return him to his everyday-self.

Image credit: Thairath

After the incident, officials decided to set up six shrines around the airport for the holy spirits and required all airport staff to pray to them every Saturday.

Despite the ceremonies, spirit houses and weekly prayer rituals, it seemed like some supernatural beings were still displeased.

“Haunted” driveways and pillars

Despite the frequent holy rituals, airport staff are said to still occasionally encounter apparitions.

Image credit: เรื่องจริงผ่านเลนส์

For example, there have been reports of a pale lady stepping in front of cars to frighten drivers on the street. This same spirit is also often blamed for road accidents.

Image credit: Pantip

Furthermore, there’s the story about a haunted pillar inside the airport’s Customs Bond. According to legends, the spirit of a woman who was killed and buried inside the pole remains active.

However, the spirit was also claimed to be the ghost of a female construction worker, who accidentally fell into the column’s mould and was buried alive in the concrete, according to MGROnline. Even though her body was later removed from the column, it seemed to the airport’s staff that only her body was taken away, not her spirit.

Screenshot: เรื่องจริงผ่านจอ

Some workers in the night shift recounted hearing the sound of footsteps and luggage wheels, despite nobody being there. These sounds are believed to have come from the spirit living inside the pillar.

After stories of these occurrences spread, offerings were then made to appease the spirit. Some workers also prayed for winning lottery numbers with the unseen being and claimed to find their fulfilment afterwards. 

Offerings like desserts, garlands, and sweet drinks were made to the pole’s unseen entity.
Image credit: tEENEE

Those apparitions are said to not only frighten people, but also motivate certain visitors to commit suicide for unknown reasons. 

Regular reports of suicides

In addition to workers’ apparitional experience, rumour has it that the regular reports of suicides within the Suvarnabhumi Airport are associated with the spirits’ curse

Image credit: ThaiPBS

The third floor and the fourth floor were the spots where most of these tragedies occurred, as reported by MGROnline


Mostly, those people who committed suicides at the airport were said to be foreigners. While many cases were pronounced dead, some were reportedly to receive severe injuries.

Due to the high number of suicide cases in the airport, Airports of Thailand (AOT) then decided to invest ฿30 million (~USD897,895) to build glass barriers aimed to prevent passengers from falling.

If you don’t believe it, don’t disrespect it

Despite a variety of problems and unexplained mysterious incidents, Suvarnabhumi Airport still goes on providing passengers the best transportation service from a variety of leading airlines.

Image credit: Posttoday

Whether you find ghost stories of Suvarnabhumi Airport are true or not, one thing you should bear in mind is that do not disrespect it. And, definitely, we’d recommend against trying to obtain proof of these supernatural beings’ existence. 

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): Post Today, เรื่องจริงผ่านเลนส์, ThairathtEENEE 

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