Great&Grand Sweet Destination Pattaya

Located just an hour and a half from Bangkok, Great&Grand Sweet Destination is an ice cream & dessert parlor that boasts a massive outdoor play area – reminiscent of a map from Candy Crush IRL.

The dessert-themed cafe in Pattaya is laden with gingerbread houses, life-sized ice cream cones and candy canes, making it a must-visit for those who want to add some sweet pastel tones to their IG feed.

Here’s a closer look at what’s in store for visitors on the hunt for something sweet.

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Candy Crush-themed areas with giant gingerbread houses

Set in the beach town of Pattaya, the natural light and fluffy clouds contribute to the fantasyland aesthetic that the dessert props bring.

Would-be Hansels and Gretals are welcome to tour the premises, but do come dressed for the occasion – the oversized pastel gumballs and will surely make your #OOTD shots pop.

Image credit: @fanscape_photography

The cafe’s sprawling outdoor compound also includes a colorful candy forest for guests to explore.

Image credit: @stamp_buakam

Right in the centre of the confectionery world, there’s a jelly bean “tree” to mark the heart of the plaza – bright yellow slide included.

Image credit:@kmpcr

From there, visitors can walk along the icing frosted path towards a multi-storey ice cream pavilion that’s lined with life-sized candy canes, macarons and marshmallows.

Image credit: @moodumtoon

Nestled along the gold-tinted ice cream cone columns is a stairwell made from wafers and biscuits.

Image credit: @prathanaa_zp

Great&Grand Sweet Destination also has a meringue-laden skating park as part of their outdoor attractions. Set upon a ‘cupcake hill’ are multiple donuts, sundaes and muffins covered in frosted icing, scoops of ice cream and oodles of chocolate syrup.

Image credit: @pp_palm5620

Atop the frosting forest is a vantage point where visitors can dance among sprinkles, miniature cupcakes and, of course, get shots from a slightly higher angle that shows the vast reaches of this make-believe candyland.

Now that you’re probably full from staring at the pictures, let’s take a closer look at how the cafe actually looks on the inside.

Dessert bistro that looks like Pop’s diner from Riverdale

Heading inwards from the outdoor area, the Great&Grand Sweet Destination Cafe’s interior has a 50’s diner feel to it – the pastel colored walls, tiled counters, and marble tables reminds us a little of “Pop’s” from Riverdale.

Image credit:

At the ice cream bar, visitors can choose from 36 different flavours of ice cream including strawberry cheesecake and blueberry.

Image credit: @minelogookay

Besides picking the flavor of each scoop of ice cream, guests may select from a range of cones dipped in chocolate, and smothered in toppings and rainbow sprinkles.

Image credit: @cp_chompoo

After chowing down on ice cream, make sure to view the cafe’s exterior Milk Bar area. Think walls washed in a cheery shade of yellow, with a pastel pink payphone you can use as a prop for pictures.

Image credit: @e9.mass 

At this point, it’s plausible that the ice cream cone you’re holding is beginning to melt in the summer heat. The air conditioned area within the cafe boasts cute seating nooks with typography lighting, for a quick break or chat over an iced latte.

Image credit: @hijeans2554

If you’ve journeyed this far down in the article, your interest is probably piqued. Now what’s left to share is how much entry costs, and how exactly to get there.

Pet-friendly cafe and outdoor area in Pattaya 

The adventure to Great&Grand Sweet Destination can include your whole family – even the fur babies. 

Image credit: @indyzani

The drive from Bangkok to Pattaya is less than two hours, so it’s not too long of a journey for your pets. Also, once there, you can all waltz through this candy-themed park together, making the trip extra sweet.

Image credit: @great_grandsweetdestination

The cafe is open every day from 8.30AM-6PM, so you can get there before and after peak-sun hours for the comfort of your furry friends.

As for admission fees, Great&Grand Sweet Destination charges ฿99 (~USD3) for adults and ฿66 (~USD2) for children above 100CM. On weekends and public holidays, however, the price for adults is ฿120(~USD4).

A sweet escape from Bangkok

When Katy Perry’s “California Girls” came out, many of us wished we could frolic and waltz through a confectionery-filled fantasy land with Snoop Dogg ready to drop some rhymes about how fine we are.

Image credit: @kwang_ak56

Great&Grand Sweet Destination will certainly help make those dreams come true, and even has a slide to prop up the fantasy feel.

Located less than two hours away from Bangkok, the bistro is perfect for a quick getaway. Do note that we should bookmark this location for future travels, based on how the situation with Covid-19 plays out.

Still, at least that’s something sweet to look forward to.

Great&Grand Sweet Destination Cafe
Address: GREAT&GRAND Sweet Destination, 73, 12 Moo 3 Nonghuarad 6 Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150
Opening Hours: 8.30AM – 6.30PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 9 7469 9919
Great&Grand Sweet Destination website

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Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): @pp_palm5620, @natthawut541, @kmpcr

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