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Thai Grandpa Who Was A CEO Now Works As Sales Assistant, Gives Wholesome Advice On Staying Happy

Life advice from Grandpa 

81-year-old Thai grandpa works in a shopping mallImages adapted from พลากร เทศนำ 

With the ageing population in Thailand, various companies have started accepting senior staff members who are aged over 60. This has also done a lot to help boost self-esteem in elders as they are still seen as valuable members in our society.

Recently, a Facebook user shared an inspirational story of a 81-year-old grandpa who works happily as a sales assistant at a local shopping mall. 

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Uncle Pracha used to be a CEO

A Facebook user พลากร เทศนำ (Palakorn Tesnam) posted pictures along with a caption telling the story of Uncle Pracha, whom he met while shopping. 

81-Year-Old Thai Grandpa Works As Sales Assistant At Mall


Translation: He is a real senior staff. I met with Uncle Pracha who works at a shopping mall near my house. I wondered why he was still working at his age, which I assume could be over 70 years old. And we finally had a wonderful conversation together.

Mr. Palakorn said in the post that Uncle Pracha first asked if he needed any shopping carts, so he started having a conversation with the uncle. 

81-Year-Old Thai Grandpa Works As Sales AssistantMr. Palakorn and uncle Pracha
Image credit: พลากร เทศนำ

After asking for his reason for working here at his age, Uncle Pracha said, “Because I’m still hungry, so I can’t stop working. Every second is money. It’s really good that the manager lets me work here”. 

Uncle Pracha working as a sale assistant at a mall
Working as a sale assistant at a utensil department 
Image credit: พลากร เทศนำ

The uncle then shared his story of when he was a CEO of a business that had over 200 workers under his management, which eventually collapsed. “I didn’t have any true friends,” he shared. “No one gave me a hand when I was in trouble, so I had to do everything by myself.” He then added that he’s now doing his best at his current job as a sales assistant, which keeps him happy. 

Before leaving, Uncle Pracha gave Mr. Palakorn some parting advice: “Don’t drink too much, don’t smoke, and don’t drink those soft drinks too much. But most importantly – don’t be too serious. It’s not good for your health.” 

Netizens praise Uncle Pracha’s positive thinking

The post has since received over 11K likes and 5.4K shares. 

Netizens came together to praise how strong Uncle Pracha is despite his age, and how his story inspired them.

Netizens praise 80-year-old uncle who still working


Translation: It’s very inspiring. I’ve now got an idea of how to be responsible in my work. Thank you. 

Netizens praise 80-year-old uncle who still working


Translation: He is a role model. After reading this, I know that we need to keep up and move on no matter what happens. 

We hope this can inspire you to keep hustling and that it gives you some positive vibes for the week!

It’s also great that the department store has given Uncle Pracha a chance to work, and that Mr. Palakorn shared this wonderful story with us all. 

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