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Bangkok Just Installed A Giant Air Purifier In The City To Combat The Pollution Levels

First air purifier tower in Bangkok 

Thailand is now facing air pollution at extremely unhealthy levels, which are spreading all across the country. Especially in Bangkok, there are areas that have air quality index (AQI) levels in the 200s, which is causing many to fall sick.

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) has been monitoring this problem and has just come up with Fah Sai, a hybrid air purifier tower, which is situated at 101 True Digital Park.

Hybrid air purifier tower to increase air quality

First air purifier tower in Bangkok Image credit: MGR Online

MQDC collaborated with Research & Innovation For Sustainability Center (RISC) and NESTECH to announce the pilot model of a hybrid air purifier tower, which has taken on the nickname Fah Sai, which means “clear sky” in Thai.

This tower will help decrease the amount of PM2.5 (Fine particulate matter) in the air in the areas situated in its 1km radius. 

First air purifier tower in Bangkok Comes with a screen showing the air quality in the area 
Image credit: MGR Online

Fah Sai uses solar power along with battery energy to “pull” the air inside and cleanse it of impurities.

Model will be further developed for future use

Bangkok air pollution
Image credit: Sanook

The particulate matters in some areas will be collected and researched in order to find the best ways to combat Bangkok’s pollution in the future

Moreover, there are plans to develop the purifier tower to deal with the air pollution problem on a bigger scale in the future.

101 True Digital Park101 True Digital Park
Image credit: Home

Fah Sai is located at 101 True Digital Park near Punnawithi BTS and will be installed for the rest of the year for system tests.

Thailand, especially Bangkok, is now dealing with high smog levels. So, don’t forget to wear a mask and take care of your health when travelling around!

Hope we will get more Fah Sai towers installed all across the city to help with the air quality too.

Cover image adapted from MGR Online