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The Gardens Of Dinsor Palace In Bangkok Has A Swan Pond & Peacock Alcove

The Gardens of Dinsor Palace in Bangkok

Every fairytale castle seemed to have a lush garden teeming with friendly wildlife and twinkling lights.

The Gardens at Dinsor Palace in Bangkok seemed to have had these whimsical parklands in mind when they designed their garden cafe set in an old royal mansion.

Read on to find out more about this dream-like establishment.

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Escape to a fantasy garden in Bangkok

Hidden in an alley between BTS Thonglor and Ekkamai, The Gardens of Dinsor Palace has a lush outdoor dining area that’ll make you forget you’re in the centre of Bangkok.

gardens-dinsor-palace-entryImage credit: Nijaporn Worapojpisut via Wongnai

Greenery encompasses the entire outdoor area of the establishment. Towering pendulum trees provide the al-fresco dining area with shade as well as camouflage the white mansion into the foliage.

Overgrown shrubbery line just about every stone-paved walkway – all the way up to the driveway.

gardens-dinsor-mansionImage credit: @tuinuimd

Even the staircase, that leads to the restaurant’s upstairs balcony area where you and bae can pretend to be Romeo and Juliet, is dripping with plants.

In addition to the impressive amount of flora, the establishment also has pond with a fountain as well as hanging lanterns that bask the terrace in warm lighting at night.

gardens-dinsor-canalImage credit: @tuinuimd

However, no fairytale garden is complete without striking fauna.

This pet-friendly cafe has a swan ponds, peacock aviary and a bunny den

Go further into the cafe, and you’ll find a mini version of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake: a swan pond where two of these majestic birds can be seen cruising about.

swan-lake-bangkokImage credit: @ptwpy

There’s also a large aviary right by the pond that houses not one, but two white peacocks.

peacock-garden-bangkokImage credit: The Gardens of Dinsor Palace

If winged animals aren’t your thing, then you can head back over to the staircase, that has a secret bunny den underneath.

Image credit: true ID

In addition to these residents, visitors can also look forward to meeting other animals brought by loving pet-owners. The myriad of animals and outdoor seating available makes the cafe ideal for family outings, as children are bound to enjoy exploring the premises.

pet-friendly-garden-cafeImage credit: @archiecavie via The Gardens of Dinsor Palace

Just like this pupper is munching on its snack, we’re sure their humans are also enjoying one of the cafe’s many platters.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

True to its name, The Gardens of Dinsor Palace’s menu offers items fit for royalty.

High-rollers can dig into 120-Day Beef Tenderloin ฿980 (~USD30) or the Roasted Snow Fish ฿730 (~USD22).

snowfish-bangkokImage credit: @toshi.boonsook

The restaurant also has pasta dishes like Angel Hair Crab Meat ฿480(~USD14) and Beef Cheek Pappardelle ฿480(~USD14), as well as breakfast favourites like Bacon & Tomato Eggs Benedict ฿290 (~USD9).

Image credit: nanw via Wongnai 

Hidden pockets of nature in Bangkok

As if stepping into a fairytale wasn’t enough, this garden cafe allows visitors to temporarily forget that they’re in the centre of one of the largest cities in the world.

We’re grateful for places like these, especially in a time where travel isn’t readily available. So, you can expect us to be heading over to this whimsical orchard that seems to promise dream-like experience.

The Gardens of Dinsor Palace
Address: Between Sukhumvit Soi 59 and Soi 61 Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours: 11AM – 11PM (Monday – Friday) | 9AM – 11PM (Saturday – Sunday)
Telephone: +66 2 714 2112, +66 9 3124 7730
The Gardens of Dinsor Palace Website

Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): The Gardens of Dinsor Palace,@ptwpy, @tuinuimd

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