Covid-Positive Eyelash Tech Opens ‘Salon’ At Field Hospital, Helps Patients Look Fabulous

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Covid-positive eyelash tech opens ‘salon’ at field hospital

A few weeks ago, 6th grade students showed us how they put their hairdressing skills into practice by opening a hair salon in a classroom.

Recently, a similar event just happened at a field hospital in Thailand.

If you are curious what this is all about, here’s the story of a Covid-positive eyelash technician who opened a beauty ‘salon’ at a field hospital.

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Woman gives eyelash extensions at field hospital

On 2nd March 2022, a video of an eyelash stylist, who opened a beauty ‘salon’ in a field hospital, was posted on TikToker’s account, @eyepaykorapinpossatorn.

รายได้หาย รายจ่ายรอ😂 รักษาตัว10วัน #พลิกวิกฤตให้เป็นโอกาส #โควิด19

รายได้หาย รายจ่ายรอ😂 รักษาตัว10วัน #พลิกวิกฤตให้เป็นโอกาส #โควิด19

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Even though this eyelash expert tested positive for Covid-19 and had to receive treatment at a field hospital, she still managed to continue using her skills.

Screenshot: @eyepaykorapinpossatorn

With all the equipment she had brought to the hospital, the eyelash expert turned her bed into a ‘salon’ to give eyelash extensions to other Covid-19 patients at the same field hospital.

Screenshot: @eyepaykorapinpossatorn

According to Thairath, the eyelash stylist reportedly recovered from Covid-19 and has already returned home to continue her business.

Netizens praise the eyelash expert for expanding her customer base

After the video was circulated on TikTok, many netizens commented on the post praising the eyelash tech for her idea to expand her target audience.

Screenshot: @eyepaykorapinpossatorn

Translation: This is called “turning a crisis into an opportunity”.

One viewer praised the eyelash tech for turning a hospital stay into a business opportunity.

Screenshot: @eyepaykorapinpossatorn

Translation: This is so fabulous. A manicurist is required too. 

Another netizen applauded the eyelash expert and suggested bringing in a manicurist.

Screenshot: @eyepaykorapinpossatorn

Translation: This is good. Patients can have their eyelashes extended without worrying about catching Coronavirus because they’ve already tested positive for the virus. LOL

One viewer commented that there was no need for Covid-19 patients at the field hospital to be afraid of Covid-19 infection while having their eyelash extended.

Screenshot: @eyepaykorapinpossatorn

Translation: The following is the address of the my salon.  My salon is located at Angthong, Soi Wat Jun Tha Rung Si. The Facebook page is eye korapin. Thank you to everyone who has liked my service. I can’t answer all of you guys’ comments.

The clip’s owner also shared the address and a Facebook page of her beauty salon, Eye Korapin, in the comments section.

Let’s get our eyelashes extended

With positive feedback from her customers and comments from netizens, we’re convinced this eyelash stylist’s skills will not disappoint.

So, let’s head over to her shop and have her make our eyelashes look fabulous.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @eyepaykorapinpossatorn

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