TV celebrity falsely advertises beauty product

The Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) filed a complaint against Thai TV celebrity, Patcharasri “Kalamare” Benjamach, for false advertisement. The suit happened after Kalamare claimed on a livestream that her beauty drink, Botera, can change a person’s face shape and even cure Covid-19.

Multi “functional” beauty product

Ms. Benjamach made various claims about the benefits of Botera, a beauty drink distributed by her company, Power Shot. While unclear about the technicalities, the celebrity explained that the all-purpose product can cure maladies like cancer, depression and even Covid-19

According to Kalamare’s livestream, Botera also seems to curb the need for cosmetic surgery – The actress noticed that her skin was firmer, her eye bags were gone, and that her features were sharper. Essentially, Botera gave her the much-coveted ageless “v-shape” face.

Kalamare livestream
Ms. Benjamach during one of her live-streams
Image credit: Twitter

Big nope from the FDA

Ms. Supattra Boonserm, Deputy Secretary of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), confirmed that the FDA had filed a complaint with the Royal Thai Police’s Consumer Protection Police Division. Ms. Boonserm also ordered that all of Kalamare’s advertisements relating to Botera be removed.

“Food supplements are just additional nutrients,” said Ms. Boonserm, according to the Bangkok Post, “Do not expect nutrients to change your face structure or cure diseases.” Ms. Boonserm also urges that businesses be very careful when reviewing or endorsing a product, they will be held accountable for any and all claims.

The charges

In response to the FDA complaint, Ms. Benjamach removed all Botera-related posts from her social media. She also posted a response on her social media accounts explaining that all she did was share her experiences with the product.

Kalamare IG post
Screenshot: @kalamare

Translation: The promotional videos that I did were only intended to share my personal experiences of the product to my fan club

However, on 18th January 2021, the FDA confirmed that Ms. Benjamach is now facing seven false advertisement charges. If found guilty, the TV celebrity could face three years of jail time and/or a ฿30,000 (~USD1,000) fine.

Netizens react

After the FDA filed their complaint, the internet went into full-on critic mode, and condemned her actions as irresponsible. The hashtag #กาละแมร์, which reads “Kalamare”,  ranked 3rd on Thai Twitter yesterday. Some netizens also hilariously claimed that the government should cancel the incoming Covid-19 vaccines and start distributing this beauty supplement instead.

Twitter reactions to Kalamare
“The reaction of surgeons, oncologists and Covid-19 researchers after watching Kalamare’s live-streams.”
Screenshot: Twitter

We recommended everyone fact-check all product information before purchasing, as some might be misleading and fabricated. Seeking medical experts’ advice is also a safer and more reliable way to improve your health. 

We also strongly believe that true beauty lies within everyone and doesn’t require further adjustments.

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Featured image adapted from: Thairath, Powershot

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