Many of you have heard about EMSPHERE — a newly established shopping centre in downtown Bangkok. Its opening became the centre of attention for residents of the city. That said, we feel that many individuals who have not yet had the chance to experience and explore this mall.

So, if you want to know what this shopping destination offers, make sure you go through this EMSPHERE guide from us. We also have picked interesting spots worth checking out in this mall.


As part of the EM District, EMSPHERE targets young generations and tourists. Its design features spacious interiors, and vibrant and colourful themes but also gives out a street/industrial vibe.

The mall is more than a mall because you can enjoy their hangouts, eateries, a night bar, and an event zone other than stores.

But first, for shopping enthusiasts, we’ll take you to see the spots where you can treat yourself to enjoyable shopping time or even leisurely browsing through a diverse array of fashionable items.


Image credit: รอบรั้วชายคา via Pantip

Located on the 3rd floor of EMSPHERE, IKEA occupies the entirety of this floor, offering an extensive range of furniture, home decor, and lifestyle products. This branch is the first branch in Southeast Asia that boasts the concept of City Center Store, offering a cafe, restaurants and a scenic view. And, on the 4th floor lies a parking lot where you can take your furniture to your vehicle conveniently after purchasing it.

2. Gourmet Market

Image credit: EMSPHERE

While IKEA is a hub of furniture products, Gourmet Market is a supermarket where you can grab high-quality fresh produce, groceries and household essentials over 20,000 items. It has everything you need to bring home. Importantly, the opening hours of Gourmet Market are from 10am to 3am, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a shopping spree.

3. EM Gallery

Image credit: @w.wpicasso via Instagram

The M Floor: EM Gallery is absolutely a paradise for fashion aficionados, as it is teeming with designer clothing stores, smart accessories, and various lifestyle shops. If your purpose is to shop for apparel, the M Floor is really your go-to location.

This floor is connected to the BTS Phrom Phong station and the EM Tower where events take place.

4. Freak Store — affordable casual clothes

Image credit: @freak.th via Instagram

With an abundance of clothing stores in the mall, here are some underrated stores that are worth checking out while you’re here, apart from designer brands.

Freak Store has opened its 6th store in EMSPHERE. The store offers a collection of stylish casual clothing pieces and accessories that you can wear on a daily basis. The prices are also affordable, which start from ฿690 (~USD19.26)

Located on the 1st Floor.

5. Deus Ex Machina — famed Australian clothing brand

Image credit: @deusexmachina.th via Instagram

The next one is Deus Ex Machina — an Australian lifestyle brand. Deus Ex Machina has five stores across the world: Sydney, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Bali, and Milan. The one in EMSPHERE is the 6th store. What you can find in this store is a variety of cool clothing items with unique styles inspired by motorcycles, rock music, surfing, and skateboarding.

Located on the M Floor.

6. Pipatchara — sustainable & stylish handbags made from plastic

Image credit: @pipatchara via Instagram

For women who are looking for a new bag, check out this Pipatchara brand. This is a Thai brand that transforms recycled plastic into stylish bags to mix and match with your outfit styles.

Pipatchara, established in 2018 by siblings with a passion for crafting, draws inspiration from the art of macramé, a form of textile-making utilising knotting techniques instead of traditional weaving or knitting. The brand’s distinctive bag patterns are directly influenced by the intricate designs found in macramé. What sets Pipatchara apart is their commitment to sustainability: they ingeniously repurpose unwanted plastic materials, transforming them into stylish bags that not only exhibit aesthetic appeal but also uphold eco-conscious values.

Located on the M Floor.

7. Club 21 LAB — a collection of luxury clothing items

Image credit: @club21multilabel_th via Instagram

Club 21 LAB is a Singaporean brand that is known for its avant-garde fashion offerings. It caters to fashion-forward individuals seeking cutting-edge designs and emerging talents in the world of fashion.

The store’s design emanates industrial aesthetics and simplicity, while also incorporating distinctive shapes.

Within the store, you’ll find a large collection of attractive luxury lifestyle items, such as Doublet, rag & bone, Acne Studios, Jacquemus, Thom Browne and more.

Located on the M Floor.


Apart from shopping, you can enjoy some activities here, be it working out, relaxing in a yard, or joining an event or a show.

Check out further details below.


Image credit: @technogym_th via Instagram

TECHNOGYM at EMSPHERE is its first pop-up store in Thailand. They aim to serve health-conscious individuals by offering a range of cardio machines, strength training equipment, and functional training accessories designed for both commercial and home use. 

If you are the kind of person who can’t go on a day without straining your muscles, check it out here, you’ll find equipment that suits your personal exercise style.

Located on the 2nd Floor.

2. EM Yard

Image credit: Daily News

EM Yard is a green space on the G Floor where you can relax and breathe in fresh air with your friends or family. You can consider buying food and enjoying your picnic here. It’s a great place to unwind after a long day.

The area is also used for organising events.


Image credit: @uoblive_bangkok via Instagram

UOB Live is a premier venue renowned for hosting major events such as concerts, seminars, car shows and talk shows, boasting a capacity that can accommodate up to 6,000 people. With its state-of-the-art facilities and impeccable service, the venue promises to deliver an unparalleled experience to all guests.

In a recent event, the hall played host to Ed Sheeran’s concert in Bangkok in February.

Located on the 6th Floor.


TRIBE Sky Beach Club

Image credit: @i_beaut via Instagram

As we said earlier, this place offers you much more than a regular mall. On the 5th Floor,  you can hang out at TRIBE Sky Beach Club. 

Within the club, there are various zones to choose from, each offering a different vibe. For example, there’s an air-conditioned glasshouse surrounded by greenery or a zone with a pool boasting an impressive skyline view of Bangkok.

For night revellers out there, make sure you check this club out. It’s open from 11am to 1am.


If your stomach is calling for food after roaming in the mall, the G Floor is where you can go and enjoy your time of eating. This floor is filled with numerous yummy restaurants. Whether you like Thai cuisine or international cuisine, they have them all for you.

Here are some eateries worth visiting with tasty dishes to satisfy your buds.

1. Rongklannuar

Image credit: @happyparin via Instagram

Rongklannuar, a famous restaurant from the Song Wat neighbourhood, has opened another branch store here in EMSPHERE. If you are a fan of noodles, they serve many interesting noodle dishes worth trying, for example, Emperor Braised Beef Noodles priced at ฿250 (~USD6.94).

  • ThongSmith Hot Pot

Image credit: @wimonnt_k via Instagram

Here’s the first ThongSmith branch that comes with a hot pot option. The unmissable soup is a Thai-style waterfall soup that is aromatic and spicy. The meat options range from Kurobota, Thai beef, Australian beef, and Japanese beef. You can choose three levels of spiciness. We recommend Shabu lovers try this.

2. Oh My Godmother

Image credit: @omgm.bkk via Instagram

Oh My Godmother is a small cafe located on the G Floor in EMSPHERE. The interior design appears photogenic, minimalist and sweet, offering a Korean cafe vibe. For food, the eatery has French food, Korean food, Italian food, and desserts. If pasta is your thing, ฿490 (~USD13.61) Blanket Pasta Cacio E Pepe is something you should go for. Once you’re done with a main dish, don’t forget to try their ฿490 (~USD13.61) French Earl Grey Chiffon.

3. Gordon Ramsay Bread Street Kitchen & Bar

Image credit: Bangkok Post

We’re sure everybody knows Gordon Ramsay, but do you know he has his restaurants in Thailand? 

If you are his big fan, you might be excited to visit Gordon Ramsay Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, which is his first restaurant in the country. The restaurant serves classic English meals ฿3,900 (~USD108.28) Beef Wellington and ฿750 (~USD20.82) Fish & Chips. If you love English food, go ahead and try it out at EMSPHERE!

4. Street Pizza

Image credit: Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza via Facebook

Not just one restaurant, but Gordon Ramsey also has a pizzeria here — Street Pizza. Their pizzas stand out with their freshly baked sourdough crust and a careful selection of premium ingredients, offering a diverse range of flavours from ฿490 (~USD13.61) classic Margherita to innovative options like ฿490 (~USD13.61) corn and chorizo. Additionally, indulge in enticing dishes such as Hot Wings and Dirty Fries, accompanied by a refreshing assortment of beverages to satisfy every taste preference.

5. The Matcha Tokyo

Image credit: @ddream.tk via Instagram

Attention, matcha lovers! The Matcha Tokyo is a matcha store from Tokyo, opening a store in EMSPHERE. Their matcha is soft, not too sweet and bitter, making it easy to drink for everybody. Visiting it for the first time, you can try ฿155 (~USD4.30) Japan Premium. Also, don’t overlook its ice cream — Soft Cream at ฿150 (~USD4.16), which is matcha ice cream topped with matcha sugar cane flakes, imparting a delightful matcha aroma.

6. Charoen Gang

emsphereImage credit: @charoengang via Instagram

Charoen Gang is the go-to spot for anyone who adores Thai curry. They serve a lot of curry options for you to savour with rice. Curries’ prices start at around ฿100 (~USD2.77). While prices may be higher compared to street food curries, the exceptional flavours make it well worth it. 

7. 26Express By Yih Sahp Luhk

Image credit: @26braisedbeef via Instagram

If you have a soft spot for Chinese-Hong Kong cuisines, 26Express By Yih Saph Luhk is a Hong Kong-style eatery that serves tasty HK dishes, such as ฿200 (~USD5.55) Braised Beef Rice Bowl, ฿250 (~USD6.93) BBQ Sliced Beef Tongue In Yih Saph Luhk Sauce on Garlic Rice with Cured Yolk, and ฿100 (~USD2.77) Deep Fried Chicken Bao.

The restaurant sports a minimal Hong Kong-style decor, offering a laid-back vibe that feels just like dining in the streets of Hong Kong.

8. Babycakes

emsphereImage credit: @babycakes.bkk via Instagram

Last but not least, Babycakes is a mini cake shop to sweeten your buds with desserts. For those who are looking for a cake shop to order a cake for special occasions, this cake shop deserves your attention.

Enjoy your time at EMSPHERE

We hope our guide will be useful to those planning to visit the mall. The mall offers some interesting features that you can’t find in other shopping centres. So, enjoy your visit and get the most out of the place.

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Address: 628 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Opening hours:
10am-10pm, Daily
Nearest train station: BTS Phrom Phong Station
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Cover image adapted from: @รอบรั้วชายคา via Pantip, Daily News, @david.sereesa via Instagram, and @uoblive_bangkok via Instagram


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