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There’s A Restaurant In Korat Named “Covid-19”, Owner Wanted To Mock Virus That Shut Down Previous Business

Thai eatery named after Covid-19 

Since Covid-19 has run amuck and caused the economy to go bananas, because people have decided to shield away at home. These reasons have caused great instability in the economy, especially the F&B sector, where restaurants have had to limit dine-ins

One of those affected is Mr. Suthin Akhart, who owner of the Korat restaurant “Covid-19”.  Located on  Khong Kham Rd in Muang Kaset Sub-District, the restaurant is named “Covid-19 Restaurant” to satirically “honour” the virus’ effects on his life.

Previously, Mr Akhart had a restaurant in Pattaya, which he had to shut down due to – you guessed it – Covid-19.

Covid-19 cost him 2 million baht

Thai Eatery Named Business Covid-19Mr. Suthin Arkhart
Image credit: Matichon

Mr. Arkhart invested around ฿2 million (~USD66,481)  into restaurant in Pattaya City. Pattaya is a very tourism-dependent economy.  In April 2020, Pattaya city went into lockdown from 9th April 2021 for 21 days, where non-residents weren’t allowed to enter.

“It followed me here, so I just used the name”, Mr. Suthin said, as shared on Khaosod EnglishHe also shares his concerns “I don’t know if I’ll make it, I’ll keep fighting.”

Netizen responds with support

Thai Eatery Named Business Covid-19 

Screenshot: Khaosod English

Skip McDonald’s, support local eateries

Fast food is no doubt delicious, but local eateries are becoming rarer in the midst of this pandemic. These local eateries have a passion to provide food for others and it’s important to that people continue to support them.

Featured image adapted from: Matichon

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