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FDA Confirms Canned Fish Is Safe From Covid-19, No Need To Panic While Eating Yum Pla Kapong

Canned fish are Covid-19-free

Canned fish factories across Samut Sakhon were notorious for their Covid-19 case numbers in the past weeks. This led to people worrying about the virus being in the product itself. Luckily, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that canned fish are 100% Covid free, and elaborated on the sterilisation process that leaves fish and Covid-19… canned. 

This is excellent news for us Thais, as our staple food is now safe to enjoy.

Covid-19 outbreak in a canned fish factory

Earlier this month, BBC Thai reported an outbreak of Covid-19 among employees of a canned fish factory in Samut Sakhon. The number of cases reached an alarming 914. 

However, all of the patients have already received proper medical treatment and have been placed in quarantine. Additionally, the authorities have inspected all the high-risk factories in the area.

Neither fish nor Covid-19 can survive the canning process

Canned Sardines Manufacturers Indonesia
This photo is for illustration purposes only
credit: Canned Sardine Supplier

Ms. Supattra Boonserm, the Vice Secretary of the FDA, explained the sterilisation process of canned foods on Sanook. Sterilisation is done at temperatures higher than 100°C, a temperature where neither fish nor Covid-19 can survive. She also confirmed that after the sterilisation process, there is no contact between factory employees and the cans’ contents.

Don’t forget to wash your hands and your cans too

Canned Fish Spicy Salad Thai
Yum pla kapong is a Thai spicy salad that uses canned fish
Image credit: pantip

While the canned fish is now back on the menu, Ms. Boonserm still encourages everybody to clean the cans properly before eating and not to forget to wash your hands afterwards too. Bon appétit!

Featured image adapted from: pantip

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