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10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Exchange Gifts & Last Minute Gifting This Holiday Season

Christmas gift ideas

We’re almost at the doorstep of Christmas, and as you know, it’s a special occasion to bring happiness to your family and friends with a lovely gift.

If you find it challenging to decide what to buy for your loved ones, we have 10 Christmas gift ideas along with reasons why they will make the recipient feel grateful. If you’re you’re short on time and getting into the last minute Christmas gift rush, use this list of Christmas gift ideas as your inspiration.

1. Atomic Habits — a book that’ll change your habits for the new year

Image credit: Aidan Hornsby via Medium

A gift of knowledge is always precious, no matter whom you send it to. A book is one of the most popular things that you can gift someone as it is thoughtful and offers the recipient an entertaining escape into different worlds.

Priced from ฿795 (~USD22.66), Atomic Habits gets a lot of love as it helps you become a better person. It provides convincing ways to break your bad habits and pick up new good habits. The book can benefit anyone and gifting your loved one this book conveys that you care about them.

You can check out Atomic Habits here.

2. Ferrero Rocher box — a quick and sweet chocolate gift that never fails

Image credit: @ferrerorocheruk via Instagram

Chocolate is generally enjoyed and appreciated by many people. We have a lot of people who are chocolate lovers, and if you know someone who loves eating chocolate, a gift of chocolate will definitely make their day. Chocolate also conveys warmth, care, and romantic feelings towards the person you’re gifting it to.

Ferrero Rocher (฿699, ~USD19.94) is a popular choice for a Christmas gift since many shops offer Ferrero Rocher chocolates presented in elegant and eye-catching packaging, specifically for this festival. You can find this Ferrero Rocher package in many supermarkets, or you can look it up online here.

3. Maisy Daisy suitcase — a cute pastel suitcase for trips in the coming new year

Image credit: Maisy Daisy via Facebook

There’s no rule saying we can only give a small gift, right? Since many people tend to plan trips in the new year, you might consider a suitcase as a gift for them.

Maisy Daisy suitcases from ฿699 (~USD19.91) come in eight colours to choose from. Their suitcases provide durability and are made of polyester fibre. These suitcases are not only sturdy but also visually appealing. We bet travel enthusiasts will be wowed once they see your gift.

See Maisy Daisy suitcase products on Shopee.

4. Butterfly Thai Perfume Samet Island — a Thai unisex perfume with a refreshing scent

Image credit: Butterfly Thai Perfume via Facebook

Perfumes are popular gifts that are practical for anybody. Butterfly Thai Perfume is a Thai perfume brand with affordable products and several seductive scents. Among their collection, the Samet Island perfume stands out with its unique fragrance, priced at ฿995 (~USD28.35).

This perfume has an Aquatic scent that brings a fresh vibe, with just a touch of grapefruit, not overly sweet. It’s not super sporty but more like a cool, clean feeling. Plus, once you spray it, it gradually turns into this smooth, soft scent that’s really pleasant. It’s a Unisex fragrance, perfect for both guys and gals.

Take a look at this Samet Island perfume here.

5. Kodak M35-38 — a minimalist film camera for shutterbugs and aspiring photographers

Image credit: Kodak

If you have a buddy who is crazy about film photography or someone who wants to try photography in the new year, try surprising them with a film camera. You’ll notice a smile on their face for sure. For many shutterbugs, film cameras, apart from capturing moments, hold high collector’s value. Kodak M35 (฿695, ~USD19.81) is a minimal film camera that is reusable and features a flash, perfect for a gift on special occasions like Christmas. Giving someone a film camera also can symbolise an enduring and timeless friendship between you and your friend.

Go shop this Kodak M35 on Shopee Thailand.

6. Amazfit Bip 3 Pro — a waterproof multifunction smartwatch for fitness buffs

Image credit:

Smartwatches are popular accessories as they are beautifully designed and come with various functions, such as displaying notifications from a paired smartphone, fitness tracking, navigation, and more.

Starting at ฿1,790 (~USD51.01)Amazfit Bip 3 Pro will be an ideal gift for those who want to kickstart their fitness goals in 2024. The watch comes with heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, blood-oxygen saturation (SpO2) measuring, and menstrual cycle tracking; moreover, the battery can last for 2 weeks.

You can also enjoy controlling your music, checking the weather, and taking photos via this smartwatch.

The watch comes in three colours: black, pink, and beige. You can purchase an Amazfit Bip 3 Pro smartwatch on BaNANA or Shopee.

7. TÖVÄDER lamp — a cute cat-shaped lamp to decorate your bedroom desk

Image credit: IKEA

For your loved ones who are college students or remote workers, this TÖVÄDER (฿399, ~USD11.38) lamp isn’t only beneficial but also adds a little cuteness to their rooms. This lamp can switch between 5 different colours and provide a touch of festive spirit to their environment during the holiday season, enhancing the joyful atmosphere while they study or work.

You can buy a TÖVÄDER lamp on IKEA.

8. Boncafe — an easy-to-use drip coffee maker for early risers

Image credit: BONCAFE PATTAYA via Facebook

If you have friends who are passionate about drinking coffee, try gifting them this Boncafe drip coffee maker (฿490, ~USD13.98)  and see how happy it will make them. It can become an essential part of their morning routine, something they’ll rely on to kick-start their day.

This coffee maker can brew 4 to 6 cups of coffee and is so easy to use. For any coffee lover, this gift is sure to be a hit!

Let this Boncafe coffee maker help boost you up in the morning. Purchase the item here.

9. Starbucks Holiday Little Friends Water Bottle — a Christmas-themed tumbler from a classic brand

Image credit: Starbucks Thailand

Besides their coffee, Starbucks offers many attractive merchandise items that always fit the season and grab customers’ attention. To celebrate Christmas, they also offer a number of Christmas-themed items to match the festival atmosphere.

Starbucks Holiday Little Friends Water Bottle (฿1,800, ~USD51.33) is a navy blue 17oz water bottle adorned with a Christmas-themed pattern showcasing deer, bears, and birds. It’s a chill gift suitable for a Secret Santa exchange or as a decorative item for someone’s home.

10. A picture of Mount Fuji — wall art for Japanophiles planning their next Japan trip

Image credit: VALA PIN via Shopee

The new year signifies a fresh start, and redecorating the home means a fresh beginning or a renewed outlook on life. A painting or a photo print is a significant decorative item that can add visual interest to someone’s home and evoke a comfy emotion for the owner and guests.

From ฿120 (~USD3.43), this Mt. Fuji wall art introduces a serene and peaceful aura to the space, while its grandeur serves as an inspiration for introspection, reflection, and a sense of wonder. Furthermore, the picture can complement various interior design styles, from minimalist to traditional.

Get these Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones

Any of these items can make a wonderful gift and will surely bring joy to your loved ones. It’s not just about the practicality of the gift, but more about the sentimental value and meaning behind it that truly matters. Hopefully, these Christmas gift ideas can help you pick a gift for your family members or best buddies.

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Cover image adapted from: VALA PIN via Shopee, Kodak, and IKEA