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Chillva Market In Phuket Is A Boho-Style Night Bazaar That’s Open On Weekdays

Chillva Market in Phuket

Phuket’s one of the most visited islands in Thailand. Though popular for its beaches, resorts, adventures and all-around tourist-paradise vibe, there are some lesser known spots for those looking for more laid-back activities. 

This boho-style night market called Chillva Market is worth stopping by if you’re looking to hang out at one of Phuket’s more easygoing scenes. 

Besides being just your typical shopping haven – it’s also a spot known for having many street food stalls that have received the stamp of approval by Phuket’s local residents.

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Laid back open-air market in Phuket 

Only a 15-minute drive from Phuket Town, Chillva Market is a weekday bazaar that’s decorated with fairy lights, lined with popular street food stalls, and has a mini fantasy-like forest.  

chillva-market-in-phuketImage credit: @marcella.vb

If you’re keen on catching a sunset while sipping on beer, this joint is ideal for you. At Chillva Market, you’ll get to witness the orange clouds disappearing behind the hilly landscape while immersed in the unique sabai sabai mood that Phuket offers.

chillva-market-in-phuketImage credit: Phuket 101

This “After Hour” space at the market typically holds live concerts everyday. Plus, it’s free of charge and an ideal place to meet fellow travellers and make new friends. 

chillva-market-in-phuketImage credit: @indigobands

However, due to Covid-19 safety restrictions, the Phuket provincial office requests these events to be paused until further notice – even though the “sandbox” scheme is confirmed.

chillva-market-in-phuketImage credit: 7 Greens

Shopping at Chillva Market 

When thinking of a “Thai market” some would only expect to find souvenirs like mini tuk-tuk models or elephant pants. 

Many merchants here also display retro-chic products, like vintage dresses and band t-shirts. 
Image credit: @lamlaon

Here at Chillva Market, though, visitors can get so much more. You can shop for one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing designed and produced by local artists, as well as other accessories, like tote bags. 

The market also has a section for hand-crafted crafts and trinkets.  

chillva-market-in-phuketImage credit: Chillvamarket – ตลาดนัดชิลล์วา-ภูเก็ต

Therea are also stalls that sell cheap phone cases and high-quality affordable clothes, just in case you were looking to diversify your vacation wardrove at the last minute. 

Wide selection of food: shabu shabu to local dessert 

Of course, no Thai market is complete without its wide selection of food. 

chillva-market-in-phuketImage credit: @tortor072

Generally, Thais love to hang out at night markets because of the many food options and open spaces that bring out that cozy feel.

To complete your Thai-style adventure at Chillva Market, there are many food stalls that you can choose from. Examples include shabu shabu hotpot and Thai street food classics like som tum.

chillva-market-in-phuketImage credit: @trm6.section2

A famous dessert among locals is soft rolls stuffed with chocolate, pandan sauce, fresh butter or whatever genius combo the chef comes up with. You can give one a try here.

chillva-market-in-phuketImage credit: @trm62.section2

This market also displays some of Phuket’s local desserts such as Ah Pong, which is a Hokkien-style crepe.

chillva-market-in-phuketSurprisingly, Chillva Market has a stall where you can get old-school Thai chewing gums here too, which is an extremely rare find.
Image credit: Chillvamarket – ตลาดนัดชิลล์วา-ภูเก็ต

There’s also a small area made of shipping containers with an open-space in the centre. Here, guests can sit back and enjoy their street food on the tables and chairs provided. 

chillva-market-in-phuketImage credit: Phuket 101

Mini green garden that looks like something out of Studio Ghibili

Besides the shopping and eating experience that Chillva Market offers, there’s a tiny almost-secret garden. 

chillva-market-in-phuketImage credit: @toei_ttii

The hidden garden is dense with moss, grass, shrubbery and decorative lights that make it look like one of Studio Ghibli’s animated sets.  

chillva-market-in-phuketImage credit: @yard_yardar

Against the backdrop of rich flora and fairy lights, visitors can live out their Princess Mononoke fantasies, as well as get a cute shot for the gram

Head over to Chillva Market 

If you decide to visit Phuket once the “sandbox” scheme kicks off, you should definitely drop by Chillva Market with buddies or family. 

It’s ideal for those who are looking for more variety than their resort’s dinner menu offers, as well as some other local flavour. The fact that it’s open on weekdays is also a perk, as you don’t have to plan your visit around limited opening hours on weekends.

You can find parking spaces at your convenience at this small market. 

So, what’s your next stop after Chillva Market?

Chillva Market
Address: Ratsada Sub-district, Amphoe Muang Phuket 83000
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 5PM – 11PM (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone: +66-9-9152-1919

Chillva Market Website | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from: @Frenchiecorner_Thailand (Left), @yard_yardar (Centre),  Chillvamarket – ตลาดนัดชิลล์วา-ภูเก็ต (Right)

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